Meet The Artist

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I'm Michelle. I hope my contemporary paintings, prints, offered in finishes that custom made to order using different materials in the process put into the final print will add a modern and elegant touch to your space. Any space with a vibrant color will be truly mesmerizing when you add it.

To learn more about my creative process, you can check out my journal of new projects and how each is expressed through my emotions and feelings giving me inspiration in the beauty surrounded by me everyday. I continue to explore areas that capture moments that are full of emotions to the key of my artwork found to grow in many areas that will offer you more choices to choose from that you will find that special art piece that you fall in love with.

It's the visual concept and quality that can transform a figure or landscape in just a matter of seconds. Capturing the light is the core of a photograph. My inspiration comes from the remembrance of each location, to share the story behind the artwork.

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As another part I Specializing in photos of Oregon's nature, landscapes of interests, Oregon coastal Trail way

A photograph can be a great personal treat or a beautiful gift, inspiring people to dream or go traveling! I choose only professional photography labs to print my images so you are guaranteed the highest quality prints which come in different color treatments, sizes, custom canvas orders, and contact me if you want any photo not in shop.

"Art is the expression of those beauties
and emotions that stir the human soul."

-- Howard Pyle

The Power of Photography

A tool to visualize and capture images for communications through each piece of artwork. The beauty of a print is that we can hold it up, and look at it whenever we wish. 


 Are you a local business in need of digital or visual marketing? 
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If any of this sounds like you then you've come to the right place.
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