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This site is a small part of my work, and I want to show you. With each pair, every an, I have a shot, watching their emotions, feelings-I was feeling the same and tried to show thee feelings in my photo This is how I see the world! Enjoy it!

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Hi I’m Michelle

I'm Michelle. I’m a photographer and artist of many passions with years of experience. I create and design multiple items that are handmade with one of a kind style and design. My photography is the feelings and emotions I have when out on a photoshoot or scouting out a place to bring that in each picture. Read more


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Everyone loves to have pictures for memories, gifts, and a decorative addition to their home decor and you can find a huge selection of many images in a vast array to choose from. Visit my shop

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The Power of Photography A tool to visualize and capture images for communications through each piece of artwork. The beauty of a print is that we can hold it up, and look at it whenever we wish. 

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New offering layered picture graphics



Photography prints limited editions with custom orders taken for sizes (if possible), framing or matting done with your ideal color and style, for more details about my special custom orders and the F&Q click here.

I offer custom orders of photo handmade cards for any occasion, style or design, click here for the details of this services.

I have downloadable backgrounds, backdrops, or photos that you can use for websites designs and making graphics for social media only with theT&C applied.

I have started making video tutorials on making photo editing, abstract art prints, and many different graphics for free if you sign up to receive access to then media resources library. sign up here.

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Featured Artist of the week 2012

2 First blue ribbon place at the Josephine county fair in basketry