Welcome I'm Michelle

As a supportive, inspiring others to follow their dreams or find the path to start believing in them.

I have a mission to help openhearted or find it within themselves to follow their dreams and passions in life. Inspiring them to have faith and realize life can be enjoyable with finding who and where their path is to get there.

Are you interested in learning about the unspoken places in Oregon? I believe that very little is said or published with photographs and the history behind these places. Most of Southern Oregon's unknown places (and some well-known) where the history and photographs of these beautiful unbelievable secret and some not so locations that I will be sharing the history throughout my traveling of these places.

As an artist and designer in other areas of my life's love for crafting and making unique basketry among other crafts to give you the best product. Along the way I will be making changes to design a beautiful and easy to buy online shop throughout the next several months.

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