Hidden Beaches Samual H. Broardman Scenic Bypass Brookings, Oregon

Well of course there’s the coast. The stretch of US 101 between Port Oxford to Brookings to the south is considered one of the most “oooooh” and “WOW!” scenic drives in the state, and one that’s usually less trafficke than up north.

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Top tips to make your own beach home on a budget

There are many ways to create a cozy beach cottage look with inexpensive coastal-inspired decorating ideas that are affordable. How I discovered valuable tips on ways to find DIY tips and projects from free to a budget that won't break the bank. I love my beach cottage because the coast is here when I am not living there yet. (This is an old post long time ago so the pictures aren't great.)

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For Our Parents Birthday- Their well-lived Lives

When someone has been around as many years as our parents, we forget some of the many extraordinary things they have done in their lives. We believe it is better to honor your parents and other loved ones by telling them we love them while they are alive rather than at a free uneral. One cannot choose who your parents will be. In my case, my feelings are very fortunate and proud to call them mom and dad.

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How to customize your blog layout on squarespace

Most of the blog pages show the posts as a long scrolling effect with posts stacked upon each other. Some might like that look but I feel it's rather harder for viewers to stay interested when you have to scroll down and down to find posts.  And my blog posts are not the same style or layout as you scroll down and what I mean by that is some posts are different styles with images or not on others. You will hear and see what I mean in the video. But I figured out a way to customizes it through help forums on squarespace. Here.s a video on it and a step by step tutorial.

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How to Create a Custom SignUp Form Using Canva on Squarespace

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Everybody wants to create an unique custom design newsletter sign up form whether it's connected to Mailchimp or any other I have an easy, quick, and unique way to make it. You can use any graphic design tools you want but I'm going to be showing how to using canva on squarespace platform. I don't know about you, but I have had trouble making a cute or brand design from the tutorials I have read so far and it's never worked out like the example they show. It's not that I don't know coding but I found mailchimp confusing and tutorials that aren't very detailed or having to signup for a paid course. Not all are that way but unfortunately I have not come across any. Or maybe I just lack the ability to get it, Who Knows?! Other tools and resources you can use as well.

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2o tools for creating amazing visual content for social media

Nowadays visual content whether its on your website or social media sites you made have visual content. I went through my MacBook Pro and iTunes in search of new tools to use for visual and video apps or websites to use for social media and my website. But here's the thing most of the apps for not free and cost more than I want to spend at this point. I would like to try them out first. Many of these tools you're familiar with and some are new to me. To read more on list of tools to use click here.

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Dreams Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

Dreams inspiring quotes

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Inspirational springtime style theme for Instagram quotes and sayings that you are welcome to use for your Instagram account. For more quotes and sayings.

Believe in the power of a ......DREAM
— www.havocpub.com


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Life's lessons: Quotes and Sayings

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I 'm writing this post because it is conceived out of the notion that we should laugh - and also that we should take time each day to smile, think, feel, and perhaps even cry. It's therapeutic and even important to our mental health. We need to take the time to be stimulated and motivated to smell the roses! And this stimulus doesn't have to come in an elaborate wordy way. I think too much time is wasted on long explanations when we can be short and to the point. As a matter of fact, each of us will be much better off if we always cut through the babbling rhetoric and stick to simple straightforward statements and principles of practical use.

Remember, we act like we think and talk.

Since my back surgery, I have had lots of time to think about many things in life. I have witnessed first hand about the way this world has people in it that I don't seem to relate to or if I try, it is me who is considered, the crazy one!

I'm sure you'll agree as you analyze individuals around you; there sure are a lot of mighty interesting, complicated, spacey folks out there!

I'm scared! I don't know whether the world is full of smart men bluffing or imbeciles who mean it! Am I being critical? Yes, because some people are not being authentically themselves. And perhaps I have no room to talk; I do like most had challenges growing up. In fact, sometimes I think, "if I could get myself in position, I'd give myself a kick in the rear!" A lot of us cover up who we really are and try to be too complicated and too cool; we try to be too open-minded.

“An open mind is all very well in its way, but it ought not to be so open that there is no keeping anything in or out of it. It should be capable of shutting its doors sometimes, or may it be found a little drafty.”
— ~Samuel Bulter said~

I know a few of you can relate to this. Think about it! When you see someone walking by you, you can hear the ocean in their ears. I have known great friends but let's face it sometimes the are wrapped too tight. And some just can't think beyond insights to widen their thinking. This is why I stress this point. We should shed our facades and strive to be intelligent, practical, and basic by looking for the simple truths in life.

Common sense is instinct - enough of it genius
— ~Said- Bernard Shaw

Let us, therefore, experience the wisdom in learning simple short mental meals. They prove to be true if you read the following statement: 

“The power of words - of great thoughts to quicken and motivate one’s life, is immeasurable.” 
— Robert Assigiolic:

After years of going to see a therapist, to understand how people show you a facade of them where it was only a ploy to hide the true person they truly are where I couldn't see it until I was seeing a new therapist that made me see beyond the way people tend to mislead you who or what kind of person they really are. I'm not implying that everyone isn't truly representing themselves as someone they're not but there is a percentage of people that do. As I look back on my life and how the person I was trying to be without even realizing it until now. There are many situations I could list them but it would be endless.

In the end, we all try to or unknowingly want others to see us as someone that fits into other people's ideal person to fit in or be liked. When we really should re-evaluate ourselves every so often to reassure we haven't forgotten that.

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As I end this ranting and raving I encourage you to share your thoughts!

Self-motivation-The steps that really work

Let's examine three ways people get motivated. Fear has been used as motivation. For instance, you are threatened with punishment if you don't complete the assigned task. The do-it-self-method. Reward is often used to motivated people---the promise of some kind of reward given after completing the task. One motivation works better than others: self-motivation---when we do something because we want to. Then there's fear motivation which only works temporarily. If your teacher tells you to study or else you do it but if the teacher isn't around you won't. Reward motivation doesn't always work, either. Sometimes the reward isn't really worth it for us to get the work done. 

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What to do when the unexpected happens in business

What happens when your personal life changes that causes it to affect your business? Sometimes when you have an online business you might run into problems that are out of your hand, so what do you do? Well, I wish I had a good answer to it. But I don't really! I have been struggle to overcome a list of events that has happened in the last couple of weeks and I haven't quite done a good job at it. I'm going to tell you first of all, we can't stress over what happens that is out of our control so stay positive. Now let's get to my unexpected issues that is why I have been doing not much work and let me tell you it's a crazy and unbelievable story.

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What was I thinking!

Do you ever have an experience that you know better but it took a few times before the light bulb came on? When looking back at some of the huge times that, I'd call it an "airhead moment." I decided to share my funniest moments in business as well as in life the little "mishaps," that occurred along the way. Here are my insights into: "what the heck was I thinking," when I did these crazy "little mishaps." First of all, need to give you a look behind my unique and innovative ideas to show you why it cracks me up. It didn't take one time to figure it but sometimes a few tries at the most unbelievably "why didn't you get it the first time," thinking. Following that is where I've summarized parts of significant times where I can look back and bust up laughing how crazy it was. 

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How to be thankful and appreciate others

How many times a day do you thank someone for their help or tell someone they are greatly appreciated? There are a lot of unsung hero's walking the halls of life and how many of us take it granted? If you're building is fresh and clean---who's the response? If your food is good----who's the one you thank it for? There more I could go on and on about. To read the outline of my series "The journey called life" is a great starting point.

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Historical Jacksonville Cemetery, Oregon

There are people who believe in some places that are ghost towns by blogs of sightings from all over Oregon. Jacksonville, Oregon is one that has trolley rides on Halloween to see if you have a sighting of ghosts during the tour of the history of sightings people have said to have seen and the town's history. There's a great story to tell you about the history behind one of the supposedly haunted ghost towns where I live near here in Oregon. According to some members of the historical society that I met when I was there, they provided me with facts and the history of some more important parts of the  Jacksonville Cemetery, whereas it's a National Historic Landmark town in Oregon. I thought this would be a great Halloween story!

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Do you realize that since the beginning of time there has not been anyone of us that is a duplicate. There is no one exactly like you. You are unique. Maybe that is the reason there are things you like about yourself and things that you can do that no one else can. Some people tend to spend their thinking about wanting to look like or be someone else. Instead of thinking like that, concentrate on the things you know and can do, the things you like about yourself and develop them. Make you the best you can be. You are worth more then millions! Don't ever sell yourself short.

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Fail Your Way To Success

Excitement comes from momentary motivation. It is present tense, a first date; making the team; getting a good score on a test or being named to the honor roll.
Enthusiasm begins in the present tense and extends into the future tense. It lasts throughout the endeavor until the task is completed. The first date turns into a steady relationship; once you make the team you play every day to the best of your ability; once you make the honor roll you make it again and again.

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Top DIY Tips And Hacks that will amaze you

Have you ever had a hard time making beautiful things yet you're unable to find the right color you need, style of decorations, or in my case, anything beach related to use for decorations? Keep reading as I reveal my top secrets on how to accomplish this in the most unbelievable and out-of-sight DIY tips and hacks for creating your own and where to find examples or ideas for finding things to use or you can make from them

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