DIY Dritwood Nautical Wall Art


Whenever you go to most coastal beaches, you can see piles of driftwood among other debris piled high and I always wanted to try and learn how to make driftwood items. I see my fellow designers and artists that can make stunning driftwood art pieces and wondered how they can come up with ideas when all I can't see beyond the pieces what pieces would look good for designing new art pieces. One of my favorite shops is DriftingConcepts on Etsy.

The few times I did, I created beautiful fresh beach style and unique table decor. Here's the sold out pieces of two styles that I made driftwood table decor.

Here's the first one I made and sold within an hour after posting it. Later I will be sharing how I did this.

DIY steps to make a driftwood nautical wall art decor in 30 minutes

I love purchasing springtime flowers when their available to have on hand during anytime of te year for decorating fresh and soft beach style look. I recommended highly to stock up during the seasons to have on hand. I always found myself where I could never find the right look or style to decorate with during off seasons. That's why I buy throughout the year items that one day I might use. Granted it makes my crafting supplies overwhelming with too many but hey, that's a crafter for you.

Supplies needed:

  • Any color of raffia of your choice
  • any color or style of flowers or floral decorations
  • nautical starfish for the focal point of it
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • framing hook
  • A varnish or sealant to use


I had this driftwood for almost a year because I never found any inspiration or ideas to build a project until a few months ago. When I was cleaning out my crating supplies IT HIT ME! One of my biggest problems when crafting, I get sidetracked finding new ideas which I end up doing instead of the task at hand. I'm working on it, so bare with me!

  1. You need to clean your driftwood properly. (I will be posting in upcoming posts). Take a varnish or boiled linseed oil to give it some definition with a natural texture to bring out the colors. It also acts as a sealant too.
  2. After it dries, take a framing hook that is the flat long kind and nail it evenly onto the side you want as the back. You need to do this before you decorate it because it would either mess up the design or be very hard to do after you're finished.
  3. Take an amount of raffia that covers enough of the piece of driftwood. You can even make it longer then the driftwood. Take the middle of the raffia and tie a string of it and tie it in a knot to hold the raffia all together.
  4. Next, take the flowers that I used which came with wire ends or stems based style which makes it easier to hold together. Hot glue the ends as you put them under the tied part of the raffia. Make sure its not showing too much of the ends otherwise the nautical starfish won't cover it all.
  5. Before you gun the bundle onto the driftwood cut off the top that is knotted tie after it. Make sure you it's not too much but enough to make it lay flatter and doesn't come apart. Glue it to the driftwood in the top center.

Finally, glue the starfish on the ends making sure to cover the ends of the bundle. The trick is to move the starfish around to see the different ways it covers it.

Now this is done and ready to hang anywhere you'd like to put it. In only a few steps.


Here's a close up view.

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