How To Transform Your Life By Transforming Your Thinking

"The Journey Called Life"

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"Throughout this series we will conceive the notion that we should laugh--and also take time each day to smile, think, feel, and perhaps even cry. It's therapeutic and important to our mental health. We need to take time to be stimulated and motivated to smell the roses!"

"Words that touch the soul"

Somehow, someone, in the midst of this media mind-bombardment should remind us there are a few basic things we should remember in order to achieve a happy, successful life. For example, students, learning to use their minds into a positive direction, a direction that promises success. As young adults seeking to gain control of their lives are told about all the things that cause them to do drugs, teenage pregnancy, and breaking the law. This isn't having us give them the importance of learning to grow and become a success at any life's issues.

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We can teach the importance of warning or the consequences of bad behavior, as well as adults should be told also. We need to be taught to overcome the dear we all have and not wanting to try to succeed to motivate and believe in ourselves more.

We all need to learn the truths and values in order to become successful, happy people.I hope to give that motivation and inspiration to anyone who reads this series of posts I call "The Journey Called Life." I want to try and start giving the benefit of all these posts of life's lessons that we sometimes have been unable to remember due to outside influences of the negative side of our life's.

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