How to Embed a Pinterest Board on Wordpress

How to add code without using a plugin to install a pinterest widget or board

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Hey, everyone! I finally figured out how to install my Pinterest account using the widget builder on Pinterest without using a plugin. Thanks to the tutorial from snapcreativity. I looked everywhere to find out how and this is the best tutorial and easy.

(note: This will only work on Genesis Framework and not any other themes.)

Steps to embed a Pinterest profile widget at the footer

  1. Open up your Pinterest account and where you see the 3 dots in the upper left-hand side, scroll down until you see widget builder.
  2. Click on that and pick any of the options to build a pin, follow me, and any board to display anywhere on your blog.
  3. You'll need to add this code to your theme settings under the footer box. <script async defer src="//">
  4. Go to your dashboard and under Genesis, click on theme settings.
  5. Paste that javascript in the footer part of your theme settings and click save changes.
  6. Finally, you can paste any of the code provided in the top gray box and copy it.
  7. Paste it anywhere you would like to add. On your widgets insert it under text box and add a title like: "follow me."

You need to put the code in text mode when trying to insert into a post. Do this right before you publish while still in text mode. That's the only way mine worked.

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