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As many of you can see that the last 6 months has been moving from blogger to wordpress to squarespace. This has been a major transition into each platform when you realize things aren't always as easy as you thought. My website will be going through new changes as the next few months go by. The reasons why are coming up that are in drafts waiting to have a little more tweaking done on them. As I learn how to work with squarespace, I can start off by saying it's much easier than wordpress from my own experience. (coming up).

What new changes I have going on this month:

First of all, every published posts is gone! Now I have the task of rewriting each one. This is a long process which the upcoming posts I have in my drafts (waiting for finally touches) will explain in more detail why and what you can learn from my own experience that will hopefully help you in a situation like mine.

Next, I have had my own personal problems with details that I prefer not to get into but to briefly explain what is happened and still trying to work out. As some of you have noticed, I was not on my social media accounts for months. The reason is most of my accounts I was locked out of which is a problem that is being settled with help from sources that I have been working with. It's a legal matter so that's about all I want to go into. I'm still going through this mess but the great news is I'm back into most.

Finally, I previous had published a post about my basketry and lack of materials because of the factors that I have no control over. Later I will publish it again. That is why I decided to expand in areas that I have done as I grew up. One of which is my passion for photography. I recently bought a new canon and trying to program my personal settings manually is challenging. I don't rely on auto setting because as I will share, it's not always the best way to really capture the photo in ways that I can.

Well that's it for now! Hope to start rebuilding my traffic again. Share your thoughts and comments. Go to my blog to see the few posts I have published one is new craft tutorial for my crafty friends.

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