Tips On Tide Pooling

You'll discover many wonderful world's in tide pooling

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In fact, these unique environments are full of fascinating plants and animals, so many that an interpretive and identification guide becomes a necessary tool. Here are some tips, guides, and ways I've learned throughout my many years of experience with finding treasures of all kinds throughout mainly the Oregon Coast.


I never read about "where do seashells come from" but here's a great article my Bella Coastal Decor to read about everything you need to know about them. I've learned there are guidelines in many different types of state parks and beaches that you have access to that you need to learn and appreciate the natural beauty of sea life when tide pooling.

Tide pooling is a fun adventure to learn how to look for the amazing sea life. The tide levels affect when and where you can see them. It depends on the lowest tide level in some areas. 

When tide pooling, wear proper attire and use caution. I watch out for exposed rocks, especially covered vegetation, can be very slippery.. I always wear my flip flops with traction, a rain coat just in case, the weather is sometimes unpredictable, a flashlight to see in areas that are dark or that have shadows Here's a fun post about the top ten rules of beach living, sayings and quotes you will enjoy reading. 

Look for rocky inter-tidal areas, rocky areas that are alternately exposed and submerged by the tides. Try to plan your trio by using tide tables which can be found usually if you search for it on Goolge or local publications of the place you are visiting at the visitor centers.

There are regulations for collecting marine animals which can change from time to time (at least on the Oregon Coastal areas. If you visit Oregon please consult the Department of fish and wildlife for sport fishing for regulations for the current rules. The best policy no matter what is to simply observe and leave things in their natural habitat or in place. Read more about "where do seashells come from" by Bella Coastal Decor.

Viewing tips:

Tides of 0.0 feet or lower are better for tide pools viewing; however, when the ocean is calm many inter-tidal areas can still be viewed at plus one or two feet tides. It is best to be in the inter-tidal area at least one hour before low tide.

Stand or  sit still and observe a tide pool for a few minutes and soon you'll begin to see hermit crabs, small fish, shrimp, and other sea life. Gently move the seaweed, (I use a thin but sturdy driftwood stick) to view the myriad of life that lives under, on and among the plants.  PLEASE remember to replace the seaweed in its original place. Look carefully in the cracks, crevices, and under over-hangings. You'll see species different from those on surrounding rock formations.

Gently touching most inter-tidal animal plants will not harm them-and it is intriguing to feel the texture of different species.

You can use an aquarium dip net to catch a small fish and view it in a clear plastic container filled with ocean water. Release the animal after a few minutes before the water becomes warm. You can also examine the seaweed and small sea life with a magnify glass.

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To find out the best tide pools wherever you might visit or vacation, check at the local community services for visitors information or local coastal newsletters that share the tips 

Some areas of tide pooling that might not be so obvious. The point is to keep looking around to find interesting sea to observe.

Best local tide pools in Gold Beach, Oregon

In Gold Beach, Oregon at Myers Creek. This beach stretches south from the base of Cape Sabastian. If you park near one of the overlooks or easy coastal access points there are many points with numerous tide pools.

Samuel H. Board State Park Scenic Corridor:

The 12 mile long beach access points are hidden spots that I will share with you later this week. I found some spots on my own but after I was taking some photographs of Oregon Bridges, I went to the visitor center and found a great travel guide that maps out these places. And I mean to the exact mile marker and miles to each point along with details on the trails going down to the beach. This is where you can find amazing viewpoints and tide pools. My post coming up at the end of the month will give you the map I will try to make and downloadable on my newsletter.

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