Top Ten Tools to Enhance Your Social Media

*(UPDATE)*Tools to help make social media easier.

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Today when it comes to social media is a great way to make friends, promote your business, get followers, and so much more. In order to do that you need to make great visual graphics, videos, and products you sell to share, like, and get comments on. Using social media tools for creating enhanced images or graphics is one of the easiest ways to make shareable content. Here is a list of tools to use for making social media images in different ways to try out yourself. This is a list of some of the unique ways to grow your followers and maintain your social media and website backups and more. 

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Canva has always been a popular graphic maker and now they keep expanding in areas that most don't. They have a huge selection of premade templates, fonts, colors, and more not to mention the tutorials on designing them. I love to use Canva over PicMonkey even. Canva has a lot more to offer and continues to grow with their designs and most importantly I should add is their information on their blog can help you become a graphic designer if you want to. That being said, here's a new addition to their collection of templates and designs is "meme generator." 
What is a meme? is an activity, concept, catchphrase, or piece of media that spreads often as mimiory or for humorous purposes from person to person via internet. Memes have been around longer then the internet though, by simply drawing a funny picture and making a humorous comment or saying on it.(source). Nowadays you have advanced ways to make them visually made and they can be made from your own photo, using (of course) templates such as canva, and many other ways. I recommend using Canva for basically everything!! It's got everything you can possibly need for any kind of visual graphics. It's my number pick!!




On Etsy: makes watercolors for digital download. The perfect size to edit for social media marketing or branding your business. I was amazed at how they create everything you need to enhance your brand with more than just backgrounds. You don't have to give credit but you need to read their policies. "Sign up for their newsletter and get freebies" 

The BEST FREE photo editor 


This is filled with so many tools and effects that I have been trying to edit my new photographs for my new post and gallery that it has taken me a day to edit 3 if even that. I will share my new gallery and how to find secret hidden spots tomorrow and boy what a job it was! And the worst part is that was only a few I still have a lot more to explore and share with you. 

Create Quotes for social media posts



To create quotes and sayings with already made templates. No uploading needed. You can add your own quotes with the text options they have.


A great tool to make anything from social media, newsletters, posters, and flyers etc. and you can choose from a gallery of premade templates. But the great news is you can customize each one with adding or moving from anywhere to text, clip art, shapes, and format each one with a multiple options that are too many to tell you. Another great thing is it's a Google Chrome extension! Here's a fast newsletter I only changed a few things. paid and free.



You can upload your own photo make a poster out of it. I loved making some on my photo editor app but I only had a few choices. Here you have a wider selection to make quotes or sayings as a poster.


You can create random quotes and backgrounds with different colors and text style. Change the size of the image or text to fit any social media sizes.

Create any infographics or charts with this easy to use and many different styles, sizes, templates, and charts.



You can make pie charts that are funny with whatever design and topics on each statistics. Add more fields of pie slices and create any image of charts to share.

It has another setting for generating memes for different types of images, videos, and gifs.

Social media productivity tools:


Download and install program that you can use in several ways to help promote, organize social media, and backup your pins. Backup linked web pages on Pinterest, Youtube, and more.



Upload pictures (Only 5 at once and add your custom watermark to them to protect your copyrights. This is a great idea for my photographs and certain graphics I make that I don't want anyone to sell or use in any form that isn't giving me credit for or protecting my photos I actually think this is a very nice, easy, and fast way to watermark your photographs. What do you think of which one is better as a name for my watermark?


Coming up: My trip to find hidden spots along the southern Oregon Coastal Trail. A new gallery to showcase the best photographs I captured using different techniques that are unlike most of my photographs.

There will be a post with the details of each place down to the mile post. But wait until you read my experience for that day and how crazy it was with so many places I still need to go back to venture on the last few areas. And boy am I sore and sun burnt!