5 sayings for the best advice on love

Love is patient......

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"Love is patient"

True love is a process. True love requires personal action. Love must be continuing to be real. Love takes time. 
Too often we expediency, infatuation, stimulation, persuasion, or list are mistaken for love. How hollow, how empty if our love is no deeper than the arousal of momentary feeling or the expression in words of what is no lasting than the time it takes to speak them.

Read the first part "how to transform your thinking by transforming your mind". The journey called life.


"Love takes time"

The world is filled with too many of us who are inclined to indicate our love with an announcement or declaration. Each one of us is of vital importance to the success of the whole, especially when it comes to love or living.
How many times do we fail to realize the difference between the person and the performance-the difference between who we are and what we do? We all make mistakes but it doesn't make us stupid individuals. We're only human--we're supposed to make mistakes!

"Pause and Patiently ponder"

Think about when you see someone hearing a baby cry, slipping a glass of mild at dinner, or the way people lose their patience with someone you should love, cherish, and care for. Remember material things are replaceable or repairable---sometimes people and their feelings can't be! Pause and ponder. Think before you act. Be patient, understand, and love.
The best advice I can tell you when you and your partner are upset about anything from minor to extreme, take a moment to calm down by breathing deep breaths in and out 10 times and then you will feel more relaxed and clear headed. Trust me it works.

"There's Wisdom in Patience"

Sometimes men and women feeling offended, feeling resentful, are hasty and shortsighted, and slam doors on their own happiness and highest opportunity---sometimes even everlastingly. No person is their self in acute sorrow, feelings of offensiveness, and in anger. And the decisions that will wait are safer with waiting--waiting for time to take over, the dust to clear away, the real issues to show themselves, for the real person values to appear, for judgement to emerge and mature.
We should think seriously before we slam the doors before we burn are bridges before we saw off the limb on which find ourselves sitting. Decisions in acute sorrow, decisions in anger, decisions under pressure, decisions that haven't been thought through are less likely to be mature and safe decisions.  
What people should do instead, exercise love and compassionate patience and know friends are only human. Forgive and forget and learn to be different from others mistakes so you don't make them! Calm down and clearly act responsibly. We're only human. We're born to make mistakes! Don't let the other feelings overcome the ones that are all about learning a little love and patience. Remember the previous saying above.

"Say Something Nice"

It isn't hard to say something nice about someone. Even the most obnoxious person doesn't have to say something mean. Don't notice everything wrong with people but notice what they have going for them. If you look a little closer then first appearances you'll find the ride instead of the thorn.
All of these, I've been in one way or another as I'm assure you can say it too. I try to discover ways to understand my life's circumstances and how to change the outcome for the better in my life as well as others that have been in my life one way or another. Once you try to look at both sides of the views or we can also say the lack of morals and values we have for others and ourselves, Once you can try to look at life through different viewpoints is when only you can begin to start to change life's outlook on it.

"The Importance of Being Needed"

Which is more important, to be loved or needed? I challenge you to make sure we let our friends know they are needed to be opposed to just letting them know they are loved. Make sure to try and make them feel they belong and have a purpose in life. Even people who you know they are loved by you need to feel you need them. 

"Love is a miracle! It can come to any of us at any age, at anytime, and at any place. All we have to do is reach out and give, reach out and receive"
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