DIY reclaimed wood nautical beach wall decor

DIY Reclaimed wood nautical starfish wall decor

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Do you like to try new crafts that take only an hour and are easy to do? First, you must find unique items to create a beautiful, quick, and easy craft project. That isn't as easy to do. I found this reclaimed wood while I was taking photos of the railroad tracks along the back roads that are being repaired or I think just debris left over that hasn't been touched in years. 

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After taking some photos I started to look through the piles of debris from the railroad piles of wood and came across this piece that I thought would be a good idea for trying out to make a beach wall decor. Let me also say that people leave wood behind after rebuilding their home or I think some people just throw it away because this wasn't rebar or debris that was there over time which made it deteriorated into smaller pieces.
That being said, let's get to the tutorial I decided to make after a long time trying to figure out what to do. And that's the hardest part. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas or do the same as I did. 

DIY materials needed:

  • Beige raffia
  • nautical starfish
  • Any kind of reclaimed wood light enough to hang on a wall
  • turquoise flowers
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • find a decoratively beaded necklace which I used a car air freshener
  • framing hook

Steps to make project

  1. First and always need to remember is put on the framing hook before anything. I can't count the times when I forgot or remembered half way through the project. 
  2. Plug in hot glue gun to be ready for the next steps but remember to unplug it right after you are done. (I have replaced a couple of them for leaving them on. Crazy Huh!)
  3. Tie the raffia into a knot in the center. And glue it to the top of the wood.
  4. Take the flowers and glue them on the raffia in places that you decide on. I did mine throughout here and there style.
  5. If you use the air freshener or anything similar take it and glue it to the knot of the raffia making sure it won't show after you cover it with nautical starfish. I suggest taking the starfish and looking how it will sit covering both the raffia and the necklace.
  6. Finally, take the starfish and glue it on top of the raffia knot. You might need to turn it different ways so that it will work out right.

Now, what do you do next? Unplug the hot glue gun!!


Now you have a beautifully created beach nautical starfish on reclaimed wood to hang on the outside or inside of the house for an amazingly easy craft to make. 

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