DIY Springtime Wreath

DIY Wreaths for springtime  

Springtime is here almost and that means all your Christmas decorations are taking down. That means you need to start your springtime decorations. Have I got an easy DIY wreath that is not only colorful but made with decorations that are special. Meaning that the flowers are soft petal, greenery that looks beautiful, and I added some special ones too!  


Where you can find these decorations I found that JoAnns has the best floral especially in springtime. Every time it’s one the season for different floral decorations, I will buy them just to have them basically all year round to make any kind of DIY project. 


Supplies need

  • wire cutters
  • pliers  
  • floral wire
  • floral tape
  • greenry  
  • flowers  
  • wicker wreath (store bought) 
  • extra decorations for a little accent to the wreath
  • hot glue gun
  • gun sticks
  • ribbon or cute pink balls  

These are the decorations I used.

Step one 

How you put on the greenery. I love to take bundles of any thing or almost anything because it makes it look better and stays together better. Take the branches and cut them at the stem or where they connect to.  I hope I’m explaining this right. Of you look at the picture above you can see how it’s on one stem with many branches attached to the stem. 

Following that, take one of the branches and floral wire. You are going to find a place on the wicker wreath to take the wire and find a place on the wreath branches to put the wire through it and wire the branch too.

You can see I attached the branches to the wicker wreath by wiring it to an opening or sturdy place on it. The floral tape is really not necessary I have another DIY Christmas doorway sway that I’ll be publishing a post on it. My mom who does everything that you can think of and she’s amazing at it so when she was impressed I that’s when I know it’s a great tutorial to share.  

As an illustration you can see kinda I have greenery in spots that’s different to add a little touch of accent. 


At this point, we will start adding the different flowers throughout the side the greenery is on. At the ends of each piece of the flowers take a hot glue gun and put some at the ends. Make sure you are ready to put the flowers in before putting hot glue on it. 

You can see in the picture that there’s some extra swirling thigs in just a few throughout. I prefer to add some little things to give it more accent so it will look unique. Finally, I covered up the part where you started to add anything that covers it. I can’t tie a bow nor did I have any but that’s an idea.  

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