Fail Your Way To Success

What's the difference between excitement and enthusiasm?

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Excitement comes from momentary motivation. It is present tense, a first date; making the team; getting a good score on a test or being named to the honor roll.
Enthusiasm begins in the present tense and extends into the future tense. It lasts throughout the endeavor until the task is completed. The first date turns into a steady relationship; once you make the team you play every day to the best of your ability; once you make the honor roll you make it again and again.
As we contrast excitement with enthusiasm, obviously it's important to be excited, but it so quickly dies off we must become enthusiastic if we're ever to become successful.
Enthusiasm stems from self-motivation---from an understanding of why we're doing what we're doing. Enthusiasm comes because we know the end result is a definite bargain. We keep our sights on the goal.
Let us first see the benefits of the end; the time when the task we undertake is already done well before we ever begin. In this way, the excitement will be there to catapult us through the storm. In this way, the excitement will become enthusiasm and carry us through to the rainbow. Become enthusiastic as you strive to accomplish your goals. Enthusiastic endurance is a formula for a successful life.

Fail your way to success

Nobody ever gets anything right the first time. Nobody! Everyone who ever becomes a success is a miserable failure again and again. For me to say every great success was a great failure doesn't sound like great sense. But it's true! If you're not failing a few times, it means you're not pushing yourself hard enough. Failure is a very necessary step on the road to success.
All around you, people are trying to do things with their lives, and some are failing miserably---some so miserable you feel sorry for them. Don't feel so sorry for them. They know the only way to succeed is to fail. It's better to try something and fail than to never try and succeed! The only persons you should really feel sorry for are those who haven't tried anything for fear of failing or those who have tried but quit because they didn't succeed.
Remember, no one gets anything right the first time. They usually fail, realize what they did wrong, AND THEN THEY TRY AGAIN, this time with the realization of what they must avoid in order to succeed. 

" Thomas Edison failed the way to success by discovering 10,000 ways the electric light would not work."

Try to succeed at something. If you fail, consider it a blessing, not a state of misery. The secret of a failure is to learn from it, not let it stop you. Don't worry about failing, worry if you don't.

Don't repeat your mistakes

If you keep doing what you did, you'll keep getting what you get. That is a tricky little phrase I should probably repeat. If you keep doing what you did, you'll keep getting what you get. Think about what that means.
We should learn from our experiences what we should and shouldn't do. Only an idiot keeps doing something over and over again which brings him nothing but trouble.
An intelligent person doesn't keep repeating mistakes which bring failure. They learn early in life what gets them in trouble, and they don't repeat it.
Intelligent people learn to stop and make the necessary adjustments in thinking and behavior along the way. They learn to start repeating actions which they are commended and rewarded for.
If you do something which results in you being satisfied and rewarded, keep doing that thing. This is only the formula for success!
Learn this lesson in life. You got what you do, and you get what you did. If you keep doing the same things and never change, you'll never progress.
Learn from your mistakes; don't repeat them. Everybody makes mistakes in life and pays for them. Only a fool pays for the same mistakes twice!

Hang in there!

There are a lot of ways to describe the word"Persistence". "You're never beaten until you quit." "Hang in there"."Get it out." These seem to work a little better than persistence when things get tough. SAnd if success is what you want, I promise things will get tough! Anything in life worth having or getting is worth working hard for. Nobody who ever succeeded ever did so without persistence through trial and error. It is possible for real success to come easy.
Real success will only belong to those who try again after their failures, to those who simply refuse to let defeat keep them if they just stay with something long enough.
Most men or women who have earned success will tell you that many times, just as they were about to reach the goal or point in their life they had worked for and had set their hearts on to achieve, the rug was pulled out from under them. They were knocked down and found themselves back at the starting line---not just once, maybe ten times. Their only alternative was to "get it out."

If your dream excites you too much to quit, keep working at it until you can see it with your eyes and touch it with your hands. Persist until it's too late to quit!

My failure yet I'm still trying to find my success

About a year or more ago I had decided to change platforms from Blogger, which I was doing very well and traffic was great, to Wordpress. I lost all traffic and the motivation is getting to me. Then I had no choice but to find a platform that was better and easier to run and design as I learn along the way. Slowly my social media started to go down and that was a personal issue dealing with major back surgery and not engaging with others but here I am still working on building my business to be a success!

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