For Our Parents Birthday- Their well-lived Lives

When someone has been around as many years as our parents, we forget some of the many extraordinary things they have done in their lives. We believe it is better to honor your parents and other loved ones by telling them we love them while they are alive rather than at a free uneral. One cannot choose who your parents will be. In my case, my feelings are very fortunate and proud to call them mom and dad. 

My dad was born and raised in foster care after his mother died of a mass heart attack. At age 17, he enlisted in the Navy volunteering 3 tours. Fallen Shipmates is where the rest of his story details more. (Link).  

He was raised with a strong work ethic, which was important on building our family home and ranch. My dad was a true cowboy. Taught us to use natural resources to build and grow our farm which grew into a huge ranch.  

My mom was married at 16 and had my brother soon after. She raised 5 kids but when I (the baby) was in catholic school my first year, she decided to leave my real dad and raise the three of us younger kids on her own. 

She made sure we all were well-rounded in sports, crafting, growing our own food to save money, and taught us not only manners but etiquettes. Like my dad a strong work ethic as well.  

I lost my dad in 2007, which we all suffered for years and still have moments of that tragic day. As for my mom she's living her life like a strong, fearless, and is as beautiful as ever. She might have had some faults as a mother, at least we saw it that way growing up but when you need to look at more than just focusing on one part and see all sides of life that has blessed us. 

I'm proud to be a product of my parents and proud of the workthey did throughout the years. Cherish your parents more than ever and celebrate what they have done not only for you and your siblings but don't wait to tell them before it's too late! 

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