How to add a Google translator button to your website Squarespace

How to add Google translator button to your website


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Have anyone of you looked everywhere to create a multilingual site on Squarespace only to find out there are either on only certain templates with only a few language or find any solution for it? I have read through posts and all the related topic in the forums section and they only refer me to this site. Multilingulizer. Which you have to pay a one time payment of $79-$499. REALLY? How can a website not have it apart of its template! Well I have a free solution to the countless questions asked about this particular topic. You will be amazed of how easy-peasy it is! And it's FREE! You heard me FREE!

Watch the video to see it step by step


My videos is a work in progress so please be nice and love suggestions!!!

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Steps to get google translator 

First you need to go to the site here. You will see a bunch of content and places to input content but don't worry that's not for this. At the button of the page is About Google Translate and click on it which brings you to the main page with a menu bar. Click on "tools" which will redirect you to the free translator for your website. Under "free translator website". under it says "let's get started.

This is a few steps to fill in to get the code. You will go to this page. Fill out the questions. It will ask you to style your button or gadget then next, add your website address. Hit get code. Copy and paste into advanced settings on any page you would like it or you can make it on everyone by going to "settings", "Advanced", "code injection". Paste code in "header" section and save.

In the video you will see that I added to everything because my top 6 besides the United States of course is the most views. But the rest are foreign counties that English isn't used as much. By having the translator up at the left hand corner top pages let's anyone know that it has a translation for them. Because if they don't see it right away they most likely won't go looking for it. 

There you go! You have the means to get more visitors and customers by implementing this tool. Now it's not a beautiful look but its the only way I have found out to do it with a free account and easy steps to have it added to your website. 


Please tell me what you know or didn't and if this helped you!

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