How to add labels to your sidebar

Customizing your sidebars with graphics

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Everyone that is a web designer has these cute labels or graphics on the sidebars or footers. Well, I finally found an easy way to do it using Squarespace. Now I never could do it in any other platform because it seemed to have too many different coding to add and everyone had a different way. Now it's easy peasy!

Steps to make sidebar labels in categories

Here's a screen recording of the steps I did to make them.

Please note that this is an extension from google web store called LOOM. I will be posting about all the free extensions to use for blogging and designs.

how to step by step

I went to Canva and made by own dimensions of 250px X 70px. That is my sidebar dimensions I have on my website. 
I made each label under every category I made for my blog posts.
Next, I edited my sidebar to add them. 
I first added a text block and put in Categories.
Now in the video you can see how I added an image block. I uploaded the label. There is two tabs one is content and the other is design.
Under content is where you upload the image and scroll down to enable the clickthrough url box. Select Blog then under category, choose the one that is made for that label. Under design scroll down and select none for caption.

Now that's it! Easy as possible ever!

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As I learn more design tips I will share. If you have any tips please comment below and share!