How to Create a Custom SignUp Form Using Canva on Squarespace

How to make a custom signup form quick and easy using Canva on

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Everybody wants to create an unique custom design newsletter sign up form whether it's connected to Mailchimp or any other I have an easy, quick, and unique way to make it. You can use any graphic design tools you want but I'm going to be showing how to using canva on squarespace platform. I don't know about you, but I have had trouble making a cute or brand design from the tutorials I have read so far and it's never worked out like the example they show. It's not that I don't know coding but I found mailchimp confusing and tutorials that aren't very detailed or having to signup for a paid course. Not all are that way but unfortunately I have not come across any. Or maybe I just lack the ability to get it, Who Knows?! Other tools and resources you can use as well.

How to create Signup form

This is my little secret I'm sharing with anyone who isn'r a website designer or the means to hire one you can look at my home page to see the example of what way I learned how to make a theme brand which you will be surprised how its done!  Watch video to see how.


List of steps

First, start off by making a unlinked page and create a newsletter signup form by building a great design and inviting page that will get people to signup.
Next, using Canva, watch the video on how to design it.
after you download the image add any place you want the signup form to be and click the + sign to add image. Upload image you have created.
Using the design feature make it as a card style with a button added to it. On the button you can put "signup here" and click through to redirect it to your new newsletter page. Use the style editor to customize the card image.
Here's my page and signup form that needs more work on it but do to personal issues I haven't caught up on work.



New gallery images taken made into graphics and special effects or filters

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