How to remove dates on squarespace with simple css code

How to remove dates with a few lines of css coding on squarespace

There are several reasons why you should remove your dates. For one reason if your using squarespace (I’m not sure about other platforms), you might keep a post as a draft to finish later before publishing it. As a result, when posting it that will show the date you started your  draft. Another reason is so you don’t look like you’re posting inconsistently. This is easy-peasy! A few lines of css coding and that’s it. 


I’ve only come across a couple of tutorials on how to remove dates on squarespace. There was lots of steps to take and it didn’t work on my template I’m assuming.


I’ve heard that some templates can use css coding and others can’t but this one simple two lines of code is for Avenue . Which I found under forums closed comment (means it was successful). I sure was excited when I put the code into custom css  and went to my latest unpublished post. No dates! 

If you need to learn the basics of css click here from another squarespace posts. She gives you the breakdown of it. 

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Removing dates css coding 

To make another point, this might not work with your template. I can’t promise you it will work for your website. Hey at least try it. No harm done if it’s not the right css code for your template.  

3 steps of css code

  1. Go to design>custom css.

  2. copy and paste code below

  1. time {

  2. visibility: hidden;

  3. }

 easy-peasy!! Right? 

Save it. And check out your posts to see if it worked. (Source)  Try this one if it doesn’t work. 

This is another post about removing dates which for me it didn’t work. When you watch the video on it what she did was right click>inspect>hover over dates> copy>paste in custom css>then added her css code. magnoliahousecreative. That’s all the ones I found.  

Let me know how it worked out for your website? Please share your comments, tips, and ideas!!!