How to workaround making icons for your website using Canva

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How to workaround making icons for you website using Canva

I have discovered a great way to workaround using the Canva app on a free account. You might be wondering everyone knows how to. But this is not what you ever heard about and it' so easy and will be the first time you ever read how I learned to do this. You can see my icons and I'm working on so more but here goes the steps to make it. By the way I can't figure out how to screen record on my Iphone but no worries I've got it covered.

Here's a video on it and I'll write down the steps as well. Read my other workarounds click here.

How to workaroud.png



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Like my new thumbnail? The one I made wouldn't work so this is it for now. Okay let's get to the steps in making cute icons. The first and most important thing is you have to use the app on your Iphone or android otherwise this will not work. Online you can't get the free verison to do this workaround.

First you pick your template to be the LOGO one. Next in the video it shows the idea behind better. So you have the LOGO picked now you can either use the premade ones or make your own but no matter what you need to adjust the size to a smaller size. Next, after your all done you will be asked what format would you like it me. Jpeg Png, or PDF. Which PDF isnt't ever what you want. Finally, it will ask you if you want it transparent or solid. That's when you use the transparent one. Now the online version doesn't offer you that choice only if have the paid version. And there you go!

Here's an example



Now open my store with all different products to choose from but seeing how I'm new everyone of my products are on the same page. But you can purchase anything you like the processing of payments is ready to go>

Next, few weeks I'll be talking about my photography and give you so pointers or information to help you learn!

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