Self-motivation that really works

Three ways to get people motivated

One motivation that has been used is fear. For an example, threatening someone with punishment if you don’t complete your assigned task. The do-it-or-else method.


Another way is to reward or the promise of some kind of prize after the task is completed. 

Self-motivation works better the the others. When we do something because we want to do it. 

Fear motivation works as a temporary solution. As an example if your teacher or coach tells you to study or run laps or else, chances are you’ll do it. Would you do it still if the teacher or coach were not around. NO! You won’t.

Reward motivation As I’ve experienced reward motivation doesn’t always work, either. Sometimes the reward simple isn’t great enough to get us to work. Therefore the prize doesn’t truly interest us.

 Self-motivation  Is the only motivation that works every time. It forces us to answer why we should do something. And forces us to figure out what’s in it for me if we do it. Finally it helps us see how doing it will satisfy our need to feel wanted and important. Self-motivation: learn the joy of accomplishing goals that are important to you only because you wanted to do it.


Michelle Reese