Self-motivation-The steps that really work

Self-motivation the one that really works

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Let's examine three ways people get motivated. Fear has been used as motivation. For instance, you are threatened with punishment if you don't complete the assigned task. The do-it-self-method. Reward is often used to motivated people---the promise of some kind of reward given after completing the task. One motivation works better than others: self-motivation---when we do something because we want to. Then there's fear motivation which only works temporarily. If your teacher tells you to study or else you do it but if the teacher isn't around you won't. Reward motivation doesn't always work, either. Sometimes the reward isn't really worth it for us to get the work done. 
Self-motivation is the only motivation that really works. It forces us to ask yourselves to answer why should we do something. And figure out what's in it for us if you do it, and finally it helps us see how doing it will satisfy our need to feel wanted and important. Learn the joy of self-motivation, the joy of accomplishing an important goal because you wanted to do it! Try this self-motivation sayings to jump start it today! Don't forget to read my previous post that's meant for anyone in life's unexpected events.

It CAn be done

"TRY" is not a word/ You either do something or don't. When you wake up in the morning do you try to get dressed do you try to or do you do it? Obviously either you do it or don't. If you don't you can try it again and  agin to the best of your ability until you do it right to succeed.
Life has no grey areas when it comes to success, failure, winning or losing, getting ahead and faking behind. We need  to eliminate "try" from your vocabulary and do what needs to be done, we need to learn why and start to do it again. It's not a matter of you can't but rather a matter of won't. If you don't, do it until you do, because you can do it!


"It Can Be Done"
The man who misses all the fun
is he who says, "It can't be done."
with solemn pride he stand aloof
and greets each venture with reproof.
We'd have no radios or family cars
and no streets lit by electric stars.
We'd linger in an age of stone
without T.V. or telephone.
The world would sleep if things were run,
by men who say, "It can be done!"
~Dan Clark anf Micheal Gale

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Remember, opportunity knocks not only onvce, but more often as you prepare to recognize it and are able to open the door! DO IT! DO IT NOW!