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How to workaround making icons for your website using Canva

I have discovered a great way to workaround using the Canva app on a free account. You might be wondering everyone knows how to. But this is not what you ever heard about and it' so easy and will be the first time you ever read how I learned to do this. You can see my icons and I'm working on so more but here goes the steps to make it. By the way I can't figure out how to screen record on my Iphone but no worries I've got it covered.

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DIY Springtime Wreath

Springtime is here almost and that means all your Christmas decorations are taking down. That means you need to start your springtime decorations. Have I got an easy DIY wreath that is not only colorful but made with decorations that are special. Meaning that the flowers are soft petal, greenery that looks beautiful, and I added some special ones too!  

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Top tips to make your own beach home on a budget

There are many ways to create a cozy beach cottage look with inexpensive coastal-inspired decorating ideas that are affordable. How I discovered valuable tips on ways to find DIY tips and projects from free to a budget that won't break the bank. I love my beach cottage because the coast is here when I am not living there yet. (This is an old post long time ago so the pictures aren't great.)

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