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How to workaround making icons for your website using Canva

I have discovered a great way to workaround using the Canva app on a free account. You might be wondering everyone knows how to. But this is not what you ever heard about and it' so easy and will be the first time you ever read how I learned to do this. You can see my icons and I'm working on so more but here goes the steps to make it. By the way I can't figure out how to screen record on my Iphone but no worries I've got it covered.

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How to customize your blog layout on squarespace

Most of the blog pages show the posts as a long scrolling effect with posts stacked upon each other. Some might like that look but I feel it's rather harder for viewers to stay interested when you have to scroll down and down to find posts.  And my blog posts are not the same style or layout as you scroll down and what I mean by that is some posts are different styles with images or not on others. You will hear and see what I mean in the video. But I figured out a way to customizes it through help forums on squarespace. Here.s a video on it and a step by step tutorial.

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2o tools for creating amazing visual content for social media

Nowadays visual content whether its on your website or social media sites you made have visual content. I went through my MacBook Pro and iTunes in search of new tools to use for visual and video apps or websites to use for social media and my website. But here's the thing most of the apps for not free and cost more than I want to spend at this point. I would like to try them out first. Many of these tools you're familiar with and some are new to me. To read more on list of tools to use click here.

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