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Do you realize that since the beginning of time there has not been anyone of us that is a duplicate. There is no one exactly like you. You are unique. Maybe that is the reason there are things you like about yourself and things that you can do that no one else can. Some people tend to spend their thinking about wanting to look like or be someone else. Instead of thinking like that, concentrate on the things you know and can do, the things you like about yourself and develop them. Make you the best you can be. You are worth more then millions! Don't ever sell yourself short.

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Fail Your Way To Success

Excitement comes from momentary motivation. It is present tense, a first date; making the team; getting a good score on a test or being named to the honor roll.
Enthusiasm begins in the present tense and extends into the future tense. It lasts throughout the endeavor until the task is completed. The first date turns into a steady relationship; once you make the team you play every day to the best of your ability; once you make the honor roll you make it again and again.

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How Communication is the key to building relationships

Communication is a the key importance that I couldn't stress more on. It doesn't take much time to ruin a relationship, even a relationships that you're trying to build a connection with. All relationships are successful or unsuccessful depending on how well we communicate. There is a right way to say the same thing--- and yes it does make a difference to those we care about.

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How to learn by listening

How do we learn? Anyone can learn to do anything. Do you believe it? The answer is yes. We are products of our own environment. Anyone can learn new, and change old habits through spaced repetition. Even a parrot learns to speak English through spaced repetition education. Think what could you learn and accomplish for the better in your personality and character if you can just decide to change and were patient enough to work hard until you developed a new habit. It's true! We learn through repetition

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5 sayings for the best advice on love

"Love is patient"

True love is a process. True love requires personal action. Love must be continuing to be real. Love takes time. 
Too often we expediency, infatuation, stimulation, persuasion, or list are mistaken for love. How hollow, how empty if our love is no deeper than the arousal of momentary feeling or the expression in words of what is no lasting than the time it takes to speak them.

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