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Amazing Top DIY Tips and Hacks 

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Have you ever had a hard time making beautiful things yet you're unable to find the right color you need, style of decorations, or in my case, anything beach related to use for decorations? Keep reading as I reveal my top secrets on how to accomplish this in the most unbelievable and out-of-sight DIY tips and hacks for creating your own and where to find examples or ideas for finding things to use or you can make from them.


When you don't live near a place or in a city that has a craft store or super stores that can't give you a wide range of craft supplies that will work for your own creative idea. Have I got a new way to find another way to get it without having to go other places farther away. In my small town it is very hard to find things it is very hard to find things that are related to beach crafts but even harder to find colors. Of course I can always find them on Etsy but what if I need them now? I would go up and down each aisle and examining the items and as you look think about what if anything can I use from it or if it's something I can work with to create my own creation that I need.
I usually had time waiting for my pharmacy to call me so I would walk around looking at items close to what I need or maybe I would actually find it in the craziest places. That's exactly what happened and I will show you how to start thinking about other places besides the most obvious places and you can save money at the same time.



  • A roll of pearls in the lace section of the sewing department to use instead of stickers or gluing one pearl by one $2.00.
  • Flowery stickers found in the sewing department cost $1.98
  • Flip flop car air freshener in the auto cleansers area. Note: they change them all the time cost:$3.98
  • Bows made up and ready to stick on anything also in the sewing department above the lace and ribbons. cost:$1.50
  • Iron on patches also in the sewing department. cost: $1.99
  • Seasonal buttons for any occasion again in the sewing department and all you need to do is take wire cutters and clip off the loop which makes it lay flat. cost: $2.98
  • In the jewelry department, the prettiest lace of 6 strands in their dollar bin use as a hanger for ornaments from and/or tiny bows. coat $1.00
  • Charms in a package in the jewelry clearance department cost: $2.00
  • Lots of ribbons at the dollar tree and stickers for cards. cost $1.00
  •  I found spray paint to paint sparkles on my projects at $6.97 when nail polish as more of a variety and coast $0.99

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This is great for a collage or clip art 


Shop the warehouse deals and you will be amazed at the low, low prices and I have never had any one of my purchases break or stop working!

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