What to do when the unexpected happens in business

What to do when the unexpected happens in business

What happens when your personal life changes that causes it to affect your business? Sometimes when you have an online business you might run into problems that are out of your hand, so what do you do? Well, I wish I had a good answer to it. But I don't really! I have been struggle to overcome a list of events that has happened in the last couple of weeks and I haven't quite done a good job at it. I'm going to tell you first of all, we can't stress over what happens that is out of our control so stay positive. Now let's get to my unexpected issues that is why I have been doing not much work and let me tell you it's a crazy and unbelievable story.

Now we all have many devices that help us maintain and work on any aspect of running an online website business. But what happens when those devices fail us. Well I have had a string of things that I still wonder if it's true or I'm insane and seeing things. Using Squarespace requires you to only work on your website using a laptop unlike most platforms you can use mobile devices. That's okay with me but not when your laptop fails you. My laptop had been running slow and I went to a tech company that is well connected to some of the top malware and virus companies. (too long to list). to fix it. (Later after I can share it). It was amazing how these 5 steps to scan and found any malware or viruses while also deleting files and other issues unknown to me extra crap you don't need. Now wait, here's the crazies!

What was unbelievable that spread....

After it was loading up fast and I mean in seconds, it was too good to be true. The next morning I went to go work on my website and the computer was loading so slow and to look back now I think it was even slower than when I first got it. My level of patience wore off and I shut it down to take a break. After about 6 hours I attempted to try again when a pop up appears telling me my memory is almost full. Now if you know anything about computers that is impossible to happen without you actually having done it yourself. It just doesn't all of suddenly do that on its own. 
So I decided to run the previous steps again as I mentioned in the beginning. No luck. Trying to search the web for answers or how to figure out what the hell is going on was a long useless waste of time. But I did see that my Wi-Fi connection was set up as public. No way in hell was I going to try and figure out why, how to fix it, or anything else. I called my service provider and she changed the password and channel on her end as I reset the modem. To give it a test run to make sure it was secure on my end she asked me to log on to it. OMG! Here's what I still have a hard time understanding it. The icon the is on the task bar showing the Wi-Fi bars in green and when you click on it pop opens a list of networks in the range of your area. NOT MINE! It disappeared and the only thing that showed was troubleshooting networks and open network adapters. (I don't know the exact wording). I went to run the troubleshooting and she gave me the steps to find where you see a box appear below your name of it and you enter your password and click connect. I'm not joking but there was nothing, no settings that you see like status, properties, etc. It was completely gone.
Before I gone on, the Wi-Fi worked on my phones. After all this I decided I'm throw with Windows and searched on Amazon for a Macbook. But meanwhile I had some files and little things I didn't back up in my OneDrive account. I thought I would transfer them to a thumb drive and when it comes to transferring it to my new MacBook I can scan it with a software program to ensure its safe. NO WAY! Guess what? The usb ports were gone! No drivers were gone under the device manager or any troubleshooting scans showed the reason or issues that needed to be fixed. That was it. I thought how the hell can I stop it from spreading and spreading. Here's my thought unplug the power cable and let it die. The next morning I told my friend "look it still has a red light beeping." She replied take out the battery dork. It's not worth it to spend the money that would be a chance that its not detectable or I'm just insane and instead of hearing voices I see them. LOL.

Updating my status for this month

Here's the thing as of today. I tried so hard to pick out the best, reasonably priced MacBook and got the worst one that you can't even download a simple google app. And it was not in the sales pitch banner across the section before the comments and reviews. Later I will post a review about it but let's get to the quick summary. I called to exchange it and get help to find the best one but the company or person said he had too many products listed to help me. End of that conversation. My status update as of this minute. I will be returning it and buying another one but the Pro version along with asking Apple support help. It won't be until the third of next month I can afford to purchase it and then it will be a few days to get it delivered. 

In conclusion what do you do when the unexpected happens? Well hell I have no answers because obviously my track record is slowing going down to a big fat F! 

Seeing how I had plenty of time to think I have new ideas on my brand and design so you will
be noticing changes slowly whenever I can use my moms computer until I get one.

What would you do? Share your thoughts, comments, or experiences! I would love to hear!