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What was I thinking? Funniest moments 

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Do you ever have an experience that you know better but it took a few times before the light bulb came on? When looking back at some of the huge times that, I'd call it an "airhead moment." I decided to share my funniest moments in business as well as in life the little "mishaps," that occurred along the way. Here are my insights into: "what the heck was I thinking," when I did these crazy "little mishaps." First of all, need to give you a look behind my unique and innovative ideas to show you why it cracks me up. It didn't take one time to figure it but sometimes a few tries at the most unbelievably "why didn't you get it the first time," thinking. Following that is where I've summarized parts of significant times where I can look back and bust up laughing how crazy it was. 

Here's a great way to share funny stories I refer to as "little mishaps."

And here's my most enormous mishap that is on the internet forever. I was so excited that I had opened my shop on Etsy.com, granted, only four items, so as I'm walking using my phone, I  posted it on Facebook. Later I read the first comment, a dear friend said I think you mean etsy.com, not easy.com.I was overcome with laughter and embarrassment--- I did make another post--- BUT I didn't delete the first one because it's those funny mishaps that I can return to and see how far I have grown. Discovering new information and using tools more successfully then I recognize how much I have overcome. To finish up, one last thing to show you  "Life's not that bad', I was using a friend's old laptop (it's  Linux) and I have no clue how to use it. The breaking point is that every keyboard stroke is doubling the letters and even the backspace and spacing is doing it!Would you like to share any of your mishaps? Get them off your mind and let's laugh together so we can all grow and enjoy the learning process.Michelle

My List Of Little Mishaps To Help You Laugh About Life's Little Lessons 

Making my own display: How easy it!

I needed to cut off 12" from my display which I made out of lattice to fit in my new smaller car. I figured I would mark it by using a fabric marker which washes out with water so I didn't leave any noticeable marks. I went to clamp it into the position to cut it. I was looking on both sides to find where I marked it which I couldn't find any of the marks. I thought maybe I didn't make it dark enough so once again. Once again I went to mark it with the measuring tape. I thought if I made them closer together I would be able to see them better. As I looked at the marks along the way, I noticed they were disappearing on the wood. Nevertheless, you can't use fabric markers for other things besides fabric

My sewing experience 

I decided to try expanding my beach business and sew beach bags, tank tops, and beach pants. I knew a little bit about sewing so I figured I can follow the pattern and it would be easy. I made was making a tank top which I started to sew and was proud that I was keeping a straight line as I went around the outline of it. When I was finished I wanted to see how I did and was trying to turn inside out to see the outside of it. For the life of me, I couldn't. After struggling with it I realized I had sewn the whole tank top including the arms and neck. If you haven't figured out what went wrong is that you have to sew the arms and neck separately to be able to put your arms and neck through it. I gave up for the time being until I have more to learn how to sew the basic simple things.

Painting is somehow not my thing

I wanted to stencil a beach saying on a driftwood wall art project. I put the letters in their spot and used my good paint brush to paint over the letters. I took off the stencil and the letters were not outlined because the paint went under the paper stencil. After trying to tape them down, I decided to spray adhesive so they would be completely flat. Then the paper was so stuck to it that it left part of the paper around the lettering. After reading on Pinterest "How to" I was amazed how easy it is to stencil using spray paint. I would have kept trying to find a way to get my ideas to work if I didn't decide to give up and try to find another way. I even bought wood pieces of letters to use. Not to mention that any painting project small or larger I don't know how it happens but paint sprinkles are all over my house or outside. I find then about 10 ft away from my spot and it is on my ceilings, T.V., and windows.

Don't try to fit in business between appointments


Here's something that you should never believe that if you have a Dr's or any appointment around 2 pm or 3 pm if you hurry up and get dressed and ready to go that you can put in an hour or two of business well after trying it twice I'm going to tell you don't just think of it as a down time to relax. I've tried it twice and ended up almost late to my appointment because as I'm running around trying to get things done fast you tend to end up not completely doing everything like you see it because I was sitting down putting on my makeup as I'm listening to coffee brew and you know that sound it makes right before it beeps it's done well if you don't put the pot in because it's something you think that you've done and then when you look at it all over the floor you start rushing, even more, to clean up the mess you made trying to just get an hour of work done well then it happens to have a domino effect.

One of these trial runs I had my sapphire earrings on the bathroom counter and I only see one and I'm freaking out looking everywhere before I decide it must have slipped and now I'm going to have to make sure I can get it before it goes past the part where you open it up and it hasn't gone farther down the drain because did you run water down before or after the earring fell in the sink well as I'm thinking that I'm going to check my ears to see where I put the one that was on the sink what did I stick that one. So as I'm trying to remember where I stuck the one I found I rub my earlobes and it's my earring that I thought was down the drain and I realized that before I went bed I got sidetracked and forgot to complete the task of taking both out and inside my special box for them. But it's not done yet I thought it's in my pocket and guess what it's not and because I was freaking out and can't remember what I did with that one so as I'm taking the flashlight looking all over the floor and path I took, I thought maybe I put it in the special spot for earrings well I did. By now I'm rushing to get another pot of coffee started and ready to go to my appointment because by the time I've run around in circles I am now short on time to be at my Dr's appointment.

Suzanne Somers

My point here is the harder you try to make an hour of work in isn't going to make it worth it in the long run because one time I had an hour and all I got done was checking my new emails and anxiety which did nothing to help my business so take these situations as a time to relax and breathe drink a cup of coffee watch TV and then after the appointments over get comfortable and think about what you had planned and get in the mood and start what you were going to do. Now if you're like me where I haven't had time to sit down and make a planner I start on the list of important things that are the settings of the blogs robot.trobot.txt settings and meta description, and custom redirects settings before I start filling in my drafts that are not completely finished because some are a list of things like this posts that I'm writing down things that I can laugh at which makes me focus back on this happens to all of us at one time or another which it's OK to take a break when it's not enough time to make that big of a difference. 

To finalize my "little mishap" today when I taking new photos with my nice and cleaned tablet it here again took me actually about 10 photos before I realized this funniest thing ever. My lighting is great but the way my townhouse is set up everywhere you go it's either has shadows or a bright light on the side closest to the sunlight. As I'm trying to make sure no shadows, lighting is good, and all is set to go I kept seeing reflections in the pictures. At first I thought it was a glare or shadows but as I moved into different angles my reflection on the tablet screen was the reason for this whole wasted time of stupidity I have to admit this one was the biggest mishap because it took me forever to even think of it instead I'm trying all these techniques with the same ending each time. Crazy?!

In conclusion, we all will have these moments in life as well as in business but it's how you decide to embrace the "little mishaps" and realize it's a great journal topic to enter each time one of these occurs.

I want to hear your funniest moments! Comment in the box with your little mishap!

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