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"Behind the Scenes" Basketry Making

My love for making sea kelp baskets is an art in which I have started since I was in grade school with learning how to make my own materials and furthermore complete the process in areas that take years to learn among practicing techniques that are part of the history behind basketry making. I wanted to share how I have built my crafting business in areas that I have started to expand in vast areas that reflect my talents and artistic ability. To illustrate a better understanding of the materials used and the history of basketry following my own summary of my skills I decided to give you a more detailed history of my knowledge of what my ability in this area that has made my reputation behind designing and creating every basket. Another reason is I have been working on making my baskets into more ways and using new materials to create designs from my experience I have learned over the years to broaden my skills to move up my level of expertise.

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How to Weave a Basket Using Sea Kelp

The art of weaving basketry takes years to become an expert in creating exceptional designs using different eco-friendly materials and added in colors of sinew, twine, raffia, and dying any materials that are used for basketry. Growing up I learned many skills and crafts and with that background, it's made it easier to move up by professional artistic abilities in these areas. I thought that I would use sea kelp to weave a basket that I'd normally used with materials such as wicker, willow bark, reeds, that are much stronger and durable that make it easier to work with when weaving. I decided "why not be unique and use sea kelp." What a difficult and long process that took me to figure out how and then to complete the project but, Oh What A Blast!

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