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How to add a Google translator button to your website Squarespace

Have anyone of you looked everywhere to create a multilingual site on Squarespace only to find out there are either on only certain templates with only a few language or find any solution for it? I have read through posts and all the related topic in the forums section and they only refer me to this site. Multilingulizer. Which you have to pay a one time payment of $79-$499. REALLY? How can a website not have it apart of its template! Well I have a free solution to the countless questions asked about this particular topic. You will be amazed of how easy-peasy it is! And it's FREE! You heard me FREE!

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How to remove dates on squarespace with simple css code

There are several reasons why you should remove your dates. For one reason if your using squarespace (I’m not sure about other platforms), you might keep a post as a draft to finish later before publishing it. As a result, when posting it that will show the date you started ryour draft. Another reason is so you don’t look like you’re posting inconsistent. This is easy-peasy! A few lines of css coding and that’s it.

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How to customize your blog layout on squarespace

Most of the blog pages show the posts as a long scrolling effect with posts stacked upon each other. Some might like that look but I feel it's rather harder for viewers to stay interested when you have to scroll down and down to find posts.  And my blog posts are not the same style or layout as you scroll down and what I mean by that is some posts are different styles with images or not on others. You will hear and see what I mean in the video. But I figured out a way to customizes it through help forums on squarespace. Here.s a video on it and a step by step tutorial.

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How to Create a Custom SignUp Form Using Canva on Squarespace

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Everybody wants to create an unique custom design newsletter sign up form whether it's connected to Mailchimp or any other I have an easy, quick, and unique way to make it. You can use any graphic design tools you want but I'm going to be showing how to using canva on squarespace platform. I don't know about you, but I have had trouble making a cute or brand design from the tutorials I have read so far and it's never worked out like the example they show. It's not that I don't know coding but I found mailchimp confusing and tutorials that aren't very detailed or having to signup for a paid course. Not all are that way but unfortunately I have not come across any. Or maybe I just lack the ability to get it, Who Knows?! Other tools and resources you can use as well.

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