Harris Beach State Park just before sunset and high tide was coming in, I captured several shots on a high shutter speed with the colors vivid without using any editing program only a simple glossy and contrast to make it look alive.
Natural Bridges Brookings, Oregon
  Thunder Rock Cove    After you see the turnout with the sign "Thunder Rock Cove" go to the very next turnout and behind the guardrail is a trail down to edge of a cliff with this amazing view.
  Brookings Vista Point    Pull off to the side of highway 101 to Gold Beach where the sun was shining bright on the ocean which makes it shimmer throughout the entire viewpoint. One of my first favorite beauty that captures the amazing and beautiful Oregon coast.
 Thunder Rock Cove  The trail goes into different parts you can get close to the cliff and try to capture a photograph. I love how the trees blend over the ocean nestles right under the gorgeous pine and fir trees. Visit black and white gallery to see more and other places of history .
  Natural Bridges    To this day I have no idea how I got down this trail and view point of the natural bridges. It was a mild foggy day and the turnout wasn't even marked but I had to stop and find my notes of these hidden spots. As I got out I saw a trail on the right side in the forest and hiked almost a mile until I gave up but nevertheless I captured a beautiful photograph without going to far down that I might have never made it up the steep trail leading back.  Coastal Gallery
  Unknown spot to stop off the highway    This is a couple of shots that I had taken at different angles and added some special effects the many times I went to photograph the Oregon Coast. Some of the ways I got the wide and long view was to actually climb up my car to the roof and didn't need to zoom in to capture the entire rock formations, sunning fog, and the ocean.
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