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Specializing in photos of Oregon's nature, landscapes of interests, Oregon coastal Trailway

A photograph can be a great personal treat or a beautiful gift, inspiring people to dream or go traveling! I choose only professional photography labs to print my images so you are guaranteed the highest quality prints which come in different color treatments, sizes, custom canvas orders, and contact me if you see any photos not listed in my new shop opening soon! Enhancing my skills to achieve the different levels of photography throughout this website you will see new galleries of my latest work. I use a canon point and shoot along with my nikon to capture every photo.

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Welcome to my first shop with new basketry coming soon!

Sea kelp basketry arts and crafts

Every basket is handmade and stitched from sea kelp that is found along the shoreline of the Oregon coast. Every basket comes out to have various colors between desert sand to cream beige and various shapes, textures, and the way it's decorate, if it even needs an extra touch This rough textured basket that almost feels leather like or even like some barks from trees. This is a sea kelp basket with the dimensions of this basket is 15 ½” long from its handle, 11” without including the handle, width is 9 ¼ ‘with the size of the top measuring 5 ½ by 5 “. With this size of basket you can fit items you can use decorations that you may choose yourself. I have a few suggestions like dried or plastic flowers, potted plant, pussy willows, mail holder, flower pot, and many other ideas that are what you want to use in it. They are not recommended to get wet but if you were to get a little of water on it that would not damage it or loosen the stitching or shape but I do want you to know that if you soak it with water for a length of time it will fall apart. So I suggest if you put something in it that needs to be water put a holder under the item to catch any water. Please don’t put it in your garden maybe only during the dry seasons but not when it’s raining. I know people like to decorate their gardens in spring and summer but like I said remove it before the raining season. 
     I love coming up with new and different ways to show off it's unusual style that can bring a wonderful home decoration made the center of conversations. I want you to enjoy them as much as I've had making each one and I try to make everyone with some kind of flare that stands out from any kind of basket made like this and hope you will enjoy it as well. This is eco friendly. If you like the flowers by all means I'll give them to you but unsually it's just props I use to show ways to dress it up.

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