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Brookings Oregon 

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Brookings is home to several beautiful beaches. Located 6 miles from the north California border on highway 101 in Oregon is just the beginning of the Oregon Coast Trail. This area is abundant for it's natural attractions with miles of coastline, wild scenic rivers, state and city parks, and an attractive port. The cities of Brookings and Harbor are nestled on either side of the Chetco River where it meets the sea. GREAT for FISHING`Brookings is an incorporated city, while Harbor is not. They are in an area often referred to as the "banana belt" of the Pacific Northwest, thanks to its sunny and temperate year-round climate. This makes Brookings a welcome reprieve for travelers in a region otherwise known for rain and fog. Highway 101 runs through the town all the way to Gold Beach where Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor stretches 12 miles long with hidden spots in between the marked points of interest.

 Shoreline of the beach access right in the middle of miles of ocean.

Shoreline of the beach access right in the middle of miles of ocean.

Alfred A. Loeb State Park

Need a place to relax? Love to relax in the great beauty of the outdoors? This is the spot! It combines a secluded relaxation of the seven wonders of Southern Oregon. You can smell the fragrance of myrtlewood in the air; The park is nestled in groves of these marvelous 200-year-old trees. Depending on what time of the year you can fish for steelhead, see the little critters scampering on the shore and bird watching is a fun and rare attraction. Any time of the year you can enjoy a self-guided Riverview Nature Trail.

Azalea City Park

You can walk among ancient native azaleas that were growing when Lewis and Clark wintered in Oregon Coast in 1805-06. Follow the numerous trails through this 33-acre park past astonishing endangered azaleas, annuals, shrubs, and through strands of enormous trees. The paths are originally part of a pack trail that was used by miners in the 1850's. This was an important segment of the coastal wagon route leading from California to the Umpqua and Willamette Valleys in Oregon. The park was dedicated in 1939, and the first Azalea Festival was held there. I try to make it out to have fun or even do markets. It's a huge crowd but its controlled. What I mean is everyone is nice and goes with the flow of things. Try it one trip!

Harris Beach State Park

This the beginning of the scenic corridor of secluded beaches and historical vista points but is one of the best beaches for everything from camping to beach combing and gathering SEA KELP! Yes this is the first out of two that I find as much as the ocean brings up on the shoreline its sea kelp. This is another reason why I had to start expanding my business because basketry is seasonal and not always nice to me when it only brings up so much each year. 
It has an exceptional rocky coastline dotted by monolithic sea stacks and bordered by gorgeous spruce, fir, and pine tree. Sea loins, sea birds, and seals are a common sight along the beaches, and in winter and spring you may see migrating gray whales. 


Bird Island

Just offshore, is the largest island off the Oregon Coast and is a National Sanctuary and breeding site for rare birds, including the tufted puffin.

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