7 tips for taking amazing scenic photographs

How to take pictures of scenic viewpoints 

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An obsessive pursuit of the perfect photo can become a kind of calling. I have grown my skills in photography since I was in high school. My passion grew as I started to realize the beauty that I am surrounded by living in Oregon. I'm a little bias since I was born and raised here. Over the past year, I have been traveling around taking pictures and writing a journal to share my experience and the history behind each place. Here are 7 tips I have learned throughout my life about taking photographs that show the beauty in many different settings. Read my post about what is photography?

Get your camera out! Get outdoors!

Before you spend your time snapping nearly identical pictures of surging waterfalls or the misty coastline when visiting Oregon, why not take a moment to engage your surroundings?Here are tips on finding a fresh perspective on rambling around in search of the perfect photo.


  1. Keep coming back to shoot the particular location again and again- in different seasons and at different times of the day. Just be out there a lot. "You might get lucky one day." Here is an example of two different times of the season and day time.The arrival of fall singes Oregon's outdoors with autumnal colors as if the state's foliage was airbrushed with the mustard, auburn, and citrus hues. This lures leaf peepers to the botanically diverse parks threaded throughout Ashland. Try photographing the image in five different ways. As simple as stooping to get a new point of view. Consider the details, shifting your perspective getting high and low-all while looking to stay true to the moment.

  2. Before heading out to photograph I look at other photographers images of the location as I can. Taking pictures of waterfalls is one of them. I advise you to stay in the middle of the action. "To me, adventure is all about stepping into unpredictable and unknown situations. Keep your camera out, stay in the moment and be prepared for anything to happen.

  3. Planning in advance. Be prepared for the weather, checking guide books or searching the internet. Taking pictures of flowers needs to be in bloom and not trample upon. Wherever you go, I encourage you to stay on designated trails.

  4. Little known fact, Oregon lays claim to more covered bridges than any other state west of the Mississippi River-50 in total, and 20 alone in Lane County. Their distant rural charm inspires countless photographers, but the relics of yesterday year are surprisingly difficult to photograph. Some find it more interesting to shoot from inside looking out. This requires you to find balance and consider the details-in deep shadows and how the light enters the space. Whether you're shooting the inside or outside pay close attention to the lighting and how the bridge works with its environment to get the most appealing shot.

  5. It's all about getting intimate with your location and taking many shots from different angles.

  6. Whatever you do never use auto settings.

  7. Try playing around with different settings manually.

I have to say one thing about where I live, Oregon, It seems like it's always posing for a picture--where you might find you are glued to your camera. I take my canon point and shoot everywhere because first it's small and believe it or not it does amazing job as the nikon I have. 

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