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DIY Tutorial 


Since I started my crafting business on Easy in 2011 I have been revealing more of my creative and artistic ability every year. My unique and one of a kind sea kelp baskets was huge hit and still have admirers online and my local community. Behind my business you must read first to understand why I had to expand beyond only making sea kelp baskets. I have made a few beach crafts that sold a few days after listed them and were for very special occasions. Here’s a tutorial on my creative process for you to try if you want.

Driftwood Art Decor 

Whenever you go to most Oregon coastal places you see piles of driftwood and some debris piled high and I always wanted to try and make a driftwood item. I see my fellow easy's designers and artists that make stunning driftwood artwork and wondered how can they come up with many ideas when all I can't see is beyond that in order to gather pieces. Here's what I decided to try out. Pick up pieces that were not heavy first of all, then find pieces that looked interesting and unique design to them. Here's my unique design that I actually made a second one because it was loved by everyone.


Tools needed: 

  • Glue gun and sticks

  • Seashells

  • Nails or screws

  • Drill

  • Driftwood pieces that are flat and can stay flat.

  • Driftwood pieces that have a flat end and branch off but if you can’t you can use the strong end oh sea kelp.

  • pebbles or small rocks with color to them

  • Floral or decoration that you can add to the part that is The driftwood vertical

  • Battery operated LED lights that are stems and flexible


Starting to gather driftwood and/or sea kelp bull whip: 

  1. On the shoreline at most coastal beaches you can find piles of driftwood. Go through and gather pieces that might work. Grab as many you can.

  2. Clean the driftwood (if you don’t know I’ll hahe a tutorial up next this week).

  3. Take the flat piece of driftwood as the platform and share it stays flat.

  4. Get your drill/hammer, screws and/or nails. Take the long pieces and figure out which will work. Take it and screw or hammer nails in the bottom to the middle of the bottom piece. (I find that screws will be sturdy and hold it in place better.) Drill the bottom to the longer piece and make sure it’s sturdy.

  5. Depending on how you decide to make your own design, you can add the ends of sea kelp or thin (very then). You need it to have a style that branches that curved shape.

  6. Next add any branches to add an extra design for hanging seashells or a star fish to makeit appealing in your choice of design.

  7. Hang any part of the driftwood you can hang the seashells or whatever you desire. I used thin decorative gold and white from my jewelry supplies.

  8. Next, cover the screws (if you see them on the front, or use because you like the design. I put flowers on the front that covered any parts that you can see flaws or the screws.

  9. In the end, you can take the pebbles and hot glue them around the base and top to enhance the look as well as hidden the opening of the base and top that might have a cease or a slight opening to it.

In the finally step, take the battery operated LED lights and depending on which design you get I recommend you put it along the top part on the back. Following the last step make sure every piece is appealing and elegant. You will find it easy and fun to do with a project that will be a conversational piece. I can’t remember why and how I figured out that it would be dazzling to others. Another reason why I decided to try and make something out of driftwood. I wanted to see what I could create from random pieces of driftwood that are plentiful and my business friend seems to have an eye it creating fantasting products. 

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Driftwood Inspirations Artwork

The finished project. Sold on Facebook to a bride and groom for the centerpiece of their table. That was exciting to know it was for such a special occasion.  

Here are some other pictures of my work 



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Coming up soon a video tutorial on how to make a sea kelp basket and pine needle basket.  

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