Announcing New Project Ready To Showcase

Announcing New Project Ready To Showcase

The reason why it's been hard for me to publish regularly is because "Behind the Scenes" on one knows that I work more then ever. If you haven't read it yet click here. My mom actual came up with it or she said why don't you do this. And it has been great. I can use some of my photos that are my extra ones that I didn't know which way I should decide on how or even what to do if I can't use them for my shop. It's nothing to do with the image but it doesn't yet feel right in my new gallery I'm working on. Here is the big secret that I haven't shared unless you already looked at them in my shop.

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Handmade Photo Cards

What until you see what I designed and how I have all the details to give out or you can visit my page that is all about what, how, why, and different ways that is given to any custom order on. Mentioning that I'm still working on making the page with all the things that will give you so you don't have to look or ask to keep your shopping as easy as possible.

My first wedding set of photo cards


Update on my goals for June

You will noticed I have been very busy with my countless flowers I photographed last week which I'm trying to finish my gallery and list each one in my shop. it is a long task that you have to do before you can upload them and then its filling in the content which has been overwhelming. Along the way I have been trying to find the right template that makes me feel like it is what I want but no luck I just keep trying templates with no success. Not many photographers do what I capture instead it's all wedding photography. Basically I have to figure it out without any ideas from seeing other photographers website and portfolio.

Coming up for all the basketry lovers

I am in the process of making a video on how to make a pine needle basket with video taping the key points. I know that everyone likes my other basketry post. I have another one on my sea kelp baskets to share how I make them if I can find pieces that will workout. 

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