How to manage your images in photography

How to manage your in images in photography

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In the process of digital photography, photographers have found there is abundant of your image you take. How do you organize them? They come for many sources, many come from digital camera, internet, scanning, and DVDs. To find them easily and quickly you need to organize them and keep track of them without having to rummage through your DVDs or CDs.


Strategies for Efficiency

The most important thing is to get organized before your files are out of your control and not able to find photos in easy way. That was my biggest mistake I still have been trying to fix is organizing them. It is a mess. I lost images when my hard drive crashed so before you store them on it, I can't stress enough make a copy not only in cloud accounts but on DVD or CD's. I learned an easy way to catalog a collection of a thousand or so images, and in the process you ill learn how to adapt software and systems to fit your needs. If you start with a manageable collection now it will safe you time then a more daunting task later.


Save to folders

Trust me this is important part not to miss. Before you save any image, think about where will you keep it. One important thing don't save them just to any place your software that is offered as a location that its set to. It' always in the wrong place and therefore not organized until you go back and try to fix it later. Create a folder specific to the occasion and save your files there. Operating systems offer a "high-level" folder called -"pictures". I use my folders on my desktop for easy access because I have a MacBook Pro which is a different filing system then Windows. (at least that's my opinion.) To get really organized before you download your images create folders for them. Let's say you're going to a family holiday party. Make that folder before for each day or location you are visiting, for example. It's better to have too many folders than numerous images all over the place. I'm struggle with that with my older images but not now they are organized in several different folders some are the same image but the name relates to it.


Practical File names

Always try to use helpful file names. Again plan ahead: Oregon coast but you find it better to find it right away if you use, Brrokings-2017-trip-etc. Many digital asset management applications all you to change the names of your camera files so that helpful names such as IMG001.jpg can be renamed (especially for website). Avoid usimg any punctuation marks apart from a period.


not too many items per folder

Avoid storing too many items in the same level of folder. Too many items in one place makes it difficult to find anything. Any set with more than a few hundred images should be consist of subfolders. It makes it so much easier to find your images. I've learned to start organizing mine and it's very time assuming and hard to see what goes where or did you already used that image in what folder. For my example learn from it. If you group related images to lower-level folders within a larger folder it's easier. For example I went to Union Creek, lost Creek. Mill creek waterfalls, Prospect, unknown boulders, and the natural bridges. You would organize by (or I would) each place that is first to last using subfolders with the main Union Creek. That is why metadata is used to keep large large number of images organized.

Add caption information

The majority of image manipulation software and all image database applications all you to add textual information or metadata. Read more
Add reminders of the steps taken to achieve the final effect, keywords that will enable easy picture management and copyright data. I think it's easy but its also another task that adds up in photography but is to use your Iphone or android if it is capable to use the microphone into notes and maybe add a picture to remind you of what and where you did this and settings as this and so on.

Image Databases

An essential software application for the digital photographer, an image database enables you to link textual information with images. All management software enables you to change names and add keywords and caption information. You can also send e-mail pictures, send to FTP (file transfer protocol) severs, print contact sheets, create simple slide shows, and burn discs.


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