Roses, Roses, I love roses! My inspiration behind the collection of roses photography

My inspiration behind the new collection of roses photography 

If you haven’t already seen my rose gallery or the listings in my shop you need to check them out. Why I felt like making a collection of beautiful, vibrant, and colorful roses is because first of all, who doesn’t love flowers but the beauty of them I thought I would capture it.  

What inspirited me

“Creativity is allowing a personality to shine whether it be individual or collective.”

Growing up my grandmother had an award winning rose garden and they were stunning and smelled so good that I feel in love with roses over most flowers. She taught me to see the beauty they posses and how to find the perfect one. In this collection it isn’t so much as the perfect rose but trying to capture it in my techniques and vision.

Every morning I take a 2 mile walk around the Main Street then it leads me to the Main Street connected to my street. Confused yet! Point is I had time to observe my surroundings that gave me ideas to use in my photography. The houses are not middle class per say but a mix, and some of the houses have beautiful flowers that are amazingly stunning and vibrant with a uniqueness about them. I decided to take a walk with my camera turning the early evening hours to photograph one in particular place. I asked the owner “Carl” if he didn’t mind me taking pictures. 

How to take creative and unique pictures

There is a list of factors you need to know about. Try these list of things many times at different settings.

  • pick the time of day and weather conditions. Some sunny days are to bright and you can’t see the image on the LCD screen or shadows and sun flares appear. But don’t let that stop you from taking them you never know what might happen to the image taken.

  • roses or flowers grow each individual one at different stages so you must keep trying I would say every few days.

  • Try different angles, settings of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and not auto settings. I did use AF on my lens.


 A collection of flowers, roses, dahlias, and lilies taken many different colors and profiles. Taken throughout 2018 all year round.

Here’s what I did with the ones that didn’t turned out so well. If you want to learn about how to do this click here to see the intro of my post. 

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UPDATE I had a loss in my family, my big brother passed away and its been hard to maintain business when you’re sad and depressed. I did want to make some changes for the better on my design and it has turned out to be the worst mistake I made. You tell me! What you think of the new template I bought.