Monthly goals for October 2018

Monthly goals for October 2018

I know it’s a week into October which I should have had this published at the begging of the month. Well as you might have noticed I have had some redesigning and rethinking about how to market my business and from what my plan I came up with ins’t that easy to do. My best bet was to make a list of goals monthly to help focus me on what’s the top list I need to start on.

Behind the scenes

I actually spend most of my time behind the scenes that no one is aware of it. There’s the entire photography steps to take such as, taking pictures on different shooting sessions or places, organizing them for sale and my portfolio, and so on. Not to mention I have been redesigning my entire website template using a more professional style behind the backend of my website, and so on. Here is a list of what I want to get done and hope I can manage to live up to my goal-setting.

Goals for October

  • Publish my drafts that I have been writing this past year or so

  • Organize my navigation to be more user-friendly and combing some pages to just one

  • Change the pricing on my shop along with adding new features and products

  • Publishing posts on “how to” use squarespace as I learn it along the way to share with others

  • List my photography in my Etsy shop

Each day I plan on redesigning my website using a new template along with my own layout designs throughout the month while working on it little by little. Finish my creative process behind each of my gallery collections of artwork and photography and post them. I want to add in tips and tutorials on photography. These are important parts of my business that are lacking. Next is to list my photography shop with consistent pricing throughout the photos that are priced right in the same category and on Etsy as well.

As I go through the Squarespace tutorials and use certain ones to help understand the way Squarespace works write topics on how I did what I did to share with others the way I understood it. Finally, to have my new design and layout of my website finished by next month ready to go live!

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