My creative process and the vision behind my photography

  My newest creative process  of art photography Project 12

My creative process is based on my emotions and my mood. I use photography to convey my feelings and images that express myself through it. 

Creating art photography  

There is many reasons I decided to use an amazing photo editing app that I discovered on my MacBook Pro free. The techniques that I use are hard to describe because my thinking comes to me as I use the editing tools.  

Before photo  


This was a photo challenge on days that are cloudy or raining. I had taken many pictures of the same kind. After looking at them I felt like they had no composition behind it. No color or look that stands out that would be my costumers would like.


The finish photo  


My inspiration wasn’t clearly decided at the start but as I went through the filters, effects, and tools I saw what I the feeling that case to me. 

The process  

I decided that the I wanted to change the color and tones of it to show more of the sharpness of the image. I used colored filters to make adjustments in the way the color was reproduced.  


My thought process was trying to use the effects and editing tools to see what I came out with in different photos and tools used. My vision wasn’t foreseen but as I went through the features and settings on this free Macbook editing tool that’s when I started to see it in steps along the way. No way to decide only on impulse.


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