New Project Handmade photo cards

Handmade photo cards new project

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As you might have noticed I decided to take all the many flower pictures I took and use them for invitations, post cards, and any thing custom order. Everyone is photographed by me and used to make a design from different styles using a editor program to only add text and frames. Here's how I do it in stages.


How to pick which picture to use

First of all, as a photographer you take hundreds of shots to find out which ones came out great. And then there's the part that they all are good ones. Since I don't really edit by photographs just a touch up if even that I decided to play around with all the cool features I have on my Macbook Pro free app I found that is OMG! So fun to play with and you can do almost anything. Back to the topic. Here's the examples of my photos I choose to create each one so far. 


Examples of photo cards and thier color palette

Here's an example of how i come up with the colors and design my backgrounds.

Bitdefender 2019 728x90

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