Project working with filters and effects

Project work: Creating Artworks

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Are you interested in learning something new? Therefore read about my new creative ideas and the concepts that made my new project a clever and fascinating way to use a free photo editing app on MacBooks that are capable in creating and apply tools that are found using the most popular and very expensive Adobe products among others as well. Finding new ways to use the endless tools and apps that can turn an image you capture, into something dramatically different iI happen to stumble upon usually because I search through the entire list of apps in apple's store. It seems that I feel that the next one is better so I keep searching.

To Illustrate how I apply it

In the first place, I try to make a monthly photo challenge and find ways to use the images if possible. (You can download a copy of a list to try). As an example I took pictures of my card making embellishments such as the beautiful flowers that are stickers you add to them. The best reason in using this method is that you find it easier to capture with no shadows or trying to find the right positions. 
Next, I use a list of tools that has effects and filters to apply with using more then one feature but several and sometimes reusing the same tool again later on. At this point you will have to watch how I can illustrate my technique by first signing up to receive the dates and outline of the online video course. 

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Online video course outline

First of all, when you sign up you will receive a workbook about the image process and the key facts involved along with the definition of basic editing then how and what effects and filters are used for and the results. When I complete this new service, you will be emailed the details about what is needed and given access to the courses. Meanwhile, I will be deciding how much it will cost for my services in considering the time and the one fact that you will learn something no one has even heard of with an outline to will improve your skills to the next level.


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