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Project working with filters and effects

Are you interested in learning something new? Therefore read about my new creative ideas and the concepts that made my new project a clever and fascinating way to use a free photo editing app on MacBooks that are capable in creating and apply tools that are found using the most popular and very expensive Adobe products among others as well. Finding new ways to use the endless tools and apps that can turn an image you capture, into something dramatically different iI happen to stumble upon usually because I search through the entire list of apps in apple's store. It seems that I feel that the next one is better so I keep searching.

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Announcing New Project Ready To Showcase

The reason why it's been hard for me to publish regularly is because "Behind the Scenes" on one knows that I work more then ever. If you haven't read it yet click here. My mom actual came up with it or she said why don't you do this. And it has been great. I can use some of my photos that are my extra ones that I didn't know which way I should decide on how or even what to do if I can't use them for my shop. It's nothing to do with the image but it doesn't yet feel right in my new gallery I'm working on. Here is the big secret that I haven't shared unless you already looked at them in my shop.

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What Is Photography?

What is photography? 

I thought I might start off with what is photography and the history and reasons to use before I start publishing any future posts on my own learning experience through classes, self taught, reading, and sharing with learning from other photographers. Many definitions of photography are possible, although none will be universally agreed upon. This is how I read about. Photography defined as "a system designed to produce photographs." (Tom Arg) Photography means " a visual recording of an event through the agency of light using a light-sensitive material."

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