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Gold Hill Oregon Bridges

The Rock Point Bridge (wikipendia) is an early major arch bridge completed under the design auspices of Conde B. McCullough, Oregon’s noted bridge engineer. McCullough designed the Rock Point Bridge, originally on the old Pacific Highway, to conform with and complement the local landscape. The structure is 505 feet in length, and the main span is a single 113 foot open-spandrel, rib-type reinforced concrete deck arch.

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Historical Jacksonville Cemetery, Oregon

There are people who believe in some places that are ghost towns by blogs of sightings from all over Oregon. Jacksonville, Oregon is one that has trolley rides on Halloween to see if you have a sighting of ghosts during the tour of the history of sightings people have said to have seen and the town's history. There's a great story to tell you about the history behind one of the supposedly haunted ghost towns where I live near here in Oregon. According to some members of the historical society that I met when I was there, they provided me with facts and the history of some more important parts of the  Jacksonville Cemetery, whereas it's a National Historic Landmark town in Oregon. I thought this would be a great Halloween story!

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What Is Photography?

What is photography? 

I thought I might start off with what is photography and the history and reasons to use before I start publishing any future posts on my own learning experience through classes, self taught, reading, and sharing with learning from other photographers. Many definitions of photography are possible, although none will be universally agreed upon. This is how I read about. Photography defined as "a system designed to produce photographs." (Tom Arg) Photography means " a visual recording of an event through the agency of light using a light-sensitive material."

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