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7 tips for taking amazing scenic photographs

An obsessive pursuit of the perfect photo can become a kind of calling. I have grown my skills in photography since I was in high school. My passion grew as I started to realize the beauty that I am surrounded by living in Oregon. I'm a little bias since I was born and raised here. Over the past year, I have been traveling around taking pictures and writing a journal to share my experience and the history behind each place. Here are 7 tips I have learned throughout my life about taking photographs that show the beauty in many different settings. 

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Historical Jacksonville Cemetery, Oregon

There are people who believe in some places that are ghost towns by blogs of sightings from all over Oregon. Jacksonville, Oregon is one that has trolley rides on Halloween to see if you have a sighting of ghosts during the tour of the history of sightings people have said to have seen and the town's history. There's a great story to tell you about the history behind one of the supposedly haunted ghost towns where I live near here in Oregon. According to some members of the historical society that I met when I was there, they provided me with facts and the history of some more important parts of the  Jacksonville Cemetery, whereas it's a National Historic Landmark town in Oregon. I thought this would be a great Halloween story!

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Project working with filters and effects

Are you interested in learning something new? Therefore read about my new creative ideas and the concepts that made my new project a clever and fascinating way to use a free photo editing app on MacBooks that are capable in creating and apply tools that are found using the most popular and very expensive Adobe products among others as well. Finding new ways to use the endless tools and apps that can turn an image you capture, into something dramatically different iI happen to stumble upon usually because I search through the entire list of apps in apple's store. It seems that I feel that the next one is better so I keep searching.

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Photography Challenge 01

Gallery of my challenge 

This is different ways to learn and get more experience taking photographs without using auto mode. Every image I captured is not been edited or cropped because my goal isn't to learn how to fix a picture that has flaws or the quailty isn't the best but to try to learn how to use the manual settings, features on the canon camera, and my understanding of the fundamentals of photography. 

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Announcing New Project Ready To Showcase

The reason why it's been hard for me to publish regularly is because "Behind the Scenes" on one knows that I work more then ever. If you haven't read it yet click here. My mom actual came up with it or she said why don't you do this. And it has been great. I can use some of my photos that are my extra ones that I didn't know which way I should decide on how or even what to do if I can't use them for my shop. It's nothing to do with the image but it doesn't yet feel right in my new gallery I'm working on. Here is the big secret that I haven't shared unless you already looked at them in my shop.

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Copyright FAQ in Photography

This section provides a brief and general answers to frequently asked questions about copyright. The law is always changing rapidly and it varies in detail between countries. You should always check for new changes. These are the newest ones I found to help out for now.

What is copyright

 Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright covers both published and unpublished works. (Source). Copyright Is a property right. Under the federal Copyright Act of 1976, photographers are protected by copyright  from the moment of creation. According to the U.S. Copyright Office, the owner of the “work” is generally the photographer or, in some situations the employee of a photographer. (source sited)

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The best free photo editing app for MacBook Pro

I recently just got my first MacBook Pro and I love it! There’s so many wonderful things about Apple products that I spent the first week looking through all the apps, preinstalled apps, and learning each one. As I was going through pages of apps I came across this photo editing one called Photoscape X. It’s amazing! Wait until you sign up and view the weekly video tutorials I have been making to share ideas and give you the download on the basic features.

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What Is Photography?

What is photography? 

I thought I might start off with what is photography and the history and reasons to use before I start publishing any future posts on my own learning experience through classes, self taught, reading, and sharing with learning from other photographers. Many definitions of photography are possible, although none will be universally agreed upon. This is how I read about. Photography defined as "a system designed to produce photographs." (Tom Arg) Photography means " a visual recording of an event through the agency of light using a light-sensitive material."

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