The best free photo editing app for MacBook Pro

The best free photo editing app for MacBook Pro (UPDATE)

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I recently just got my first MacBook Pro and I love it! There’s so many wonderful things about Apple products that I spent the first week looking through all the apps, preinstalled apps, and learning each one. As I was going through pages of apps I came across this photo editing one called Photoscape X. It’s amazing! Wait until you sign up and view the weekly video tutorials I have been making to share ideas and give you the download on the basic features.

This app has everything from basic editing tools to making graphics such as collages, combining photos, snd making abstract artwork gif maker. You can see some of the examples I did on my about page. And did I mention it’s FREE!! 

Heres a video you can see the basic overview of what it offers. If you like it sign up to see "how to" tutorials on ways to use the app settings and features and what it can do.  Almost all my work is done using this app. Abstract designs, gif maker, collage, insert image on image, and tons more.

This is overview of the features I'll be touching on throughout my video tutorials series. It shows how to use some of the major and fun use of the photo editing app except one thing, I don't really edit my photos so I will be sharing the basics of that briefly. 

Rosy illustration  

Here’s an example of what you can do from a photo of a rose and turn it into this amazing illustration for backgrounds or social media templates.  

I used the illustration effect, liquified tool, and magic color editing colors.  


Video Tutorials

  • How to make abstract artwork from a photo

  • making a gif

  • combing images

  • editing photos

  • using effects in different ways and techniques

  • insert text, shapes, lines, arrows, and more

  • transforming images

    First video tutorial part 1

    This is the finished photo artwork to learn more sign up and receive access to all photo editing video tutorials

Click on image to download or  click here

Click on image to download or click here


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