The quality of light in photography

The quality of light in photography

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I’ve been taking courses in photoshop and Lightroom which is a huge and lengthy time. Meanwhile I have been learning about the different settings that cause an image to look the best composition and quality so I can improve my skills and knowledge. Here is a post that tells you more about lighting. Lighting has many ways to refer to it and differences I intend on sharing.

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In photography we are concerned only with the amount of light to photograph by, but also with its quality. We need to work with the way the illumination reveals the shape and textures of our subject. If the way your subject is illuminated does not support what you want to show or express like harsh contrast, for instance, then it is of little use, however ample light is available. Read more about the white balance setting on cameras here.

On the other hand, if the light gives us exactly the effect we wish to see in your photos, we tend to struggle to make the most of it, even if there’s very little light to work with. To this extend, then, the quality of light comes before the quantity. We describe light by its hardness or softness, its color, and its direction.

Hardness and softness

The ability to shape and sculpt three-dimensional subjects varies with its hardness. Hard light reaches the subject almost entirely from one direction. The lit areas are very bright, but unlit areas are dark with razor-sharp shadows . Typically it’s light from the sun on a clear day. Soft or low-contrast light is diffused which means the light that reaches the subject from many directions at once. All parts of the subject are similar in brightness, resulting in soft shadows which typically it’s light from an overcast day.



Light is directional if it casts a significant shadow. The relationship between light and shadow makes understanding direction of light fundamental to the photographic technique.

  • Light from one side of the subject and camera tends to bring out shape and texture.On portraits, it throws a shadow of the nose across the face. The more oblique the angle of the light to the surface of the subject, the longer the shadows and greater the effect of three-dimensional relief.

  • Light from the front of the subject behind the camera hides texture and needs a larger scale shapes or other contrast to define the subject contours. Strong light behind the camera as an example, at sunset, can cast a shadow of the photographer into the scene.

  • Light from behind the subject in front of the camera. This tends to bring out the overall outline of the subject. It may pick up some highlights, for example, hair, but it throws the front of the subject into a shadow. Such light may also cause a flare in the lens.

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