Top Canon Cameras To Use For Photography

Top digital canon cameras recommended on Amazon

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I used canon cameras throughout my life when I first learned photography and have tried other manufacturers like Nikon or Sony but didn’t feel I got the best and easy camera. This is a list of the top featured canon cameras that I’ve used before. Now I have newer canon cameras some that are on my list of the best and great deals for the price on amazon.


You can use any of these types of camera that are especially made for travel photgraphy, portrait, photojournalism, nature, and sports photography. Lightweigjt and compact, fixed lenses models free of dust on sensor, easy to use., models with flip-out screens offer versatile veiwing options.


Digital camera features

Digital camera features can be divided into three main catorgies, depending on how often you need to set them. First is the basic setup of a camera--you should not need to change them. Prefeences set up the camera to work in the way that suits you and your photgraphy, you may need to alter these from time to time as the subject matter in your shooting requirements change.

Top canon cameras recommended  


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Nature photography portfolio 

Springtime is coming up with flowers blooming it’s perfect to make a photo challenge snd capture vivid and colorful flowers and beautiful nature. I will be sharing my tips on how to take photos with different settings to make the colors stand out. Each of these pictures have not been edited or even cropped.  

Take the photo challenge for May and learn to improve your photography skills  


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