Why I decided to start my photography business

 Why I decided to start my photography e

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I started my first business made from the ocean” on Etsy on August 2011 making handmade sea kelps. I did craft fairs and holiday bazaar all year round.  I made the highest ones doing craft fairs, holiday bazaars , and big event shows which I can't share those online to show I've made a lot of sales. I was at the holiday bazaar when I first started out on Etsy and I had made 24 baskets in only a month and half which all but two were sold.  My sales on Etsy are very little but as for as doing the fairs I would sell almost everything. Unfortunately, making sea kelp baskets you depend on the materials. For the past to years I haven't been able to find much. Therefore, I decided to start using my knowledge and experience taking photographs of landscapes, historical places, flowers, and nature. It was funny that this whole time I was sharing my posts on places in Oregon and taking pictures  this whole time.



Why I decided to expand  

First of all people or even my customers did I make a post or a update about why I’m not having any new items this past year. It’s very simple. Harvesting sea kelp is an annual part of the year only. Usually it starts in April through September. The hardest thing is to predict what weather conditions might affect the kelp not dried out to use it. Along with that the ocean might not have much kelp that has broken off the ocean floor which the tides bring it on the shore. To even go further the past two years has been very little kelp and if there’s kelp they are small pieces. Usually I find big round pieces to create bigger baskets and not having to stitch pieces together to make them bigger.  

The reason why I started my photography again 

If you have been keeping up-date on my posts then you would have noticed I took pictures of places in Oregon and wrote about the history of them. It occurred to me that if I’m already improving my skills from when I learned photography in my high school years why not take that up again. Realizing that I already have been traveling and taking pictures, why not start that as an alternative in my business. 

My passion for basketry hasn’t made me not continue with making them. In fact it has made me decide to focus more on my photography and as materials become available improve my skills in different types of basketry instead of making the few extra beach crafts I do.  



I know I haven't been publishing any posts do to the overwhelming "behind the scenes" reasons. My new projects and making changes to my website as sidetracked a lot and I never get my posts in drafts finished. My photography has been receiving lots of attention from my social media accounts. Actually more then I can keep with the notifications. These are from mostly other photographers that find my work amazing. That being said I hope you like my new project and deign of my website. It will be about Thursday when it's all done. 

What do you think that is the hardest and time consuming with your business? Share you're tips!

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