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How to create stacked graphics with this Mac app

Following along with my previous post I decided to share with an easy way to make layered graphics. I saw a video tutorial on photoshop that seemed very complex and this one is totally free and easy as can be. Photoscape is the best free mac app to use for graphic designers or photographers who can’t afford to buy Photoshop. The video down below gives you the basic steps and features it has to make them.

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Black and White Coastal Collection

What is black and white photography

A black and white photograph is an image where all the color has been removed. It consists of shades of gray tone that generally go from dark (black) to light (white). A monochrome image also has the colour removed.

I love black and white photography. There is an indescribable magic to taking black and white photos that is impossible to explain. It is the composition with highlights and shadows in the details. I asked myself, Why an I eliminating color from a particular photo? What makes it so important to shoot or change the photo into black and white that way?

Black and white photos makes me feel like they are “timeless” and are more artistic then others with only some making the photo stand out. It has a surreal and almost dreamlike quality too. These are the pictures I saw that emotions and feelings into each one of my collection.

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Free flower abstract background downloadable

I made this from the best free Macbook app. If you sign up to receive free access to my media library you will be able to get free artwork prints, crafting templates and design digital paper for anything from backgrounds to card making and most importantly the video library. It will have tutorials on how to use this app and show all the features that are endless. I’m going to share one this week in hopes you will want to sign up for more tutorials

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Project working with filters and effects

Are you interested in learning something new? Therefore read about my new creative ideas and the concepts that made my new project a clever and fascinating way to use a free photo editing app on MacBooks that are capable in creating and apply tools that are found using the most popular and very expensive Adobe products among others as well. Finding new ways to use the endless tools and apps that can turn an image you capture, into something dramatically different iI happen to stumble upon usually because I search through the entire list of apps in apple's store. It seems that I feel that the next one is better so I keep searching.

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Photography Challenge 01

Gallery of my challenge 

This is different ways to learn and get more experience taking photographs without using auto mode. Every image I captured is not been edited or cropped because my goal isn't to learn how to fix a picture that has flaws or the quailty isn't the best but to try to learn how to use the manual settings, features on the canon camera, and my understanding of the fundamentals of photography. 

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Driftwood Coastal Inspirations

Since I started my crafting business on Easy in 2011 I have been revealing more of my creative and artistic ability every year. My unique and one of a kind sea kelp baskets was huge hit and still have admirers online and my local community. Behind my business you must read first to understand why I had to expand beyond only making sea kelp baskets. I have made a few beach crafts that sold a few days after listed them and were for very special occasions. Here’s a tutorial on my creative process for you to try if you want.

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The best free photo editing app for MacBook Pro

I recently just got my first MacBook Pro and I love it! There’s so many wonderful things about Apple products that I spent the first week looking through all the apps, preinstalled apps, and learning each one. As I was going through pages of apps I came across this photo editing one called Photoscape X. It’s amazing! Wait until you sign up and view the weekly video tutorials I have been making to share ideas and give you the download on the basic features.

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My inspiration behind natural seascapes photography

My inspiration and process for capturing natural beach art prints through photography

The most amazing places are in my home state born and raised as a Oregonian and proud of the culture, historical places, history behind each place, and the one rare thing about my  area Southern Oregon is the community is a strong supporter in local business and we use natural products either raised or grown to produce almost anything that we provide as a service, produces wines and brewery, all produce is grown and sold to restaurants, local growers markets, and many other ways to use them. Then there's the best part of Oregon its natural beauty with so many amazing and adventurous places to go it makes me inspired to capture that natural beauty in my photography to show people how the beauty of each place I have traveled to take new images what it feels like to have for any theme of home decor or as a special gift on a specials occasion for that someone special. To have artwork that you can view everyday and feel the beauty as you look at it.

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