The best free photo editing app for MacBook Pro

I recently just got my first MacBook Pro and I love it! There’s so many wonderful things about Apple products that I spent the first week looking through all the apps, preinstalled apps, and learning each one. As I was going through pages of apps I came across this photo editing one called Photoscape X. It’s amazing! Wait until you sign up and view the weekly video tutorials I have been making to share ideas and give you the download on the basic features.

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My inspiration behind natural seascapes photography

My inspiration and process for capturing natural beach art prints through photography

The most amazing places are in my home state born and raised as a Oregonian and proud of the culture, historical places, history behind each place, and the one rare thing about my  area Southern Oregon is the community is a strong supporter in local business and we use natural products either raised or grown to produce almost anything that we provide as a service, produces wines and brewery, all produce is grown and sold to restaurants, local growers markets, and many other ways to use them. Then there's the best part of Oregon its natural beauty with so many amazing and adventurous places to go it makes me inspired to capture that natural beauty in my photography to show people how the beauty of each place I have traveled to take new images what it feels like to have for any theme of home decor or as a special gift on a specials occasion for that someone special. To have artwork that you can view everyday and feel the beauty as you look at it.

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What Is Photography?

What is photography? 

I thought I might start off with what is photography and the history and reasons to use before I start publishing any future posts on my own learning experience through classes, self taught, reading, and sharing with learning from other photographers. Many definitions of photography are possible, although none will be universally agreed upon. This is how I read about. Photography defined as "a system designed to produce photographs." (Tom Arg) Photography means " a visual recording of an event through the agency of light using a light-sensitive material."

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