Meet the artist and photographer


I’m Michelle. I have a daughter as a young mother and I was born and raised in Oregon. I got my BA degree in science 2003. My mom is talented in everything she does. If she tries something new it turns out to be stunning. As well as my siblings. My real dad was into photographer. So as I grew up I was taught how to do just about everything from crafts to photography. I excelled in sports and actually went to the junior Olympics for the 200 yard dash. (I didn’t win). I grew up well-rounded and its made me a person with skills, talents, and a great education.

In August 2011, I decided to open a shop on called made from the ocean making hand-stitched, one of a kind sea kelp baskets. Believe it or not I had only 4 baskets in my shop. I spent the next two months getting ready for the Christmas Bazaar which took up all my time so my shop was on hold and learning online business stuff. When I was done I had made 24 baskets for the Bazaar. That day I sold 22 baskets out of 24. WOW! I was a hit!

Sea kelp is seasonal and not always available so I had to come up with other crafts to make as the seasons changed. Now I have had no sea kelp for two years. That’s when I decided to take back up photography I’ve learned from my dad growing up. I still want to do basketry but until I get materials I can’t.

My goals are to focus on photography and basket while learning adobe photoshop and lightromm to expand my knowledge in photography to eventually make a business which offers more than just one thing. I hope you get some great information, tips and tutorials in areas I’ve learned and enjoy my products to purchase.

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